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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

It had been 3 months since the whole "Slade incident" and things had pretty much gotten back to normal. Felicity was 7 months pregnant and felt like a bloated whale. But thanks to the almost constant reminders from Oliver she at least knew she was still beautiful. At least to him. They were currently laying next to each other in there bed in the Queen mansion. They had gone public with the news of there marriage and impending baby soon after they went public with the news of Moira Queens death.

Thea had been devastated and retreated into herself. Oliver hadn't seen her since the funeral. Felicity knew he worried about her, but he couldn't do anything about it. Barry had called a few days after they got Oliver back to inform them that Cisco was okay and was back to his usual self. More exciting news from Central City, was that Barry and Caitlin finally started dating. It was a great source of pride for Felicity because she had been sure there could be something special between them since the day she first saw them both interact.

Felicity had even come to somewhat okay terms with the fact that Adam was her father. She had demanded multiple blood tests and DNA tests as well as documented proof. Which all checked out. He was her father. They had gone out to a few awkward dinners before settling on casual friendship as the start of there relationship and that they'd move forward from there.

Adams powers had since stopped. He explained to them that he had been getting multiple injections of the drug from Slade and if he didnt get any withen 24 hours, the powers went away. That had been fine with everyone involved and Adam had since started working at Big belly burger and living in a small apartment downtown.

She smiled as she heard Oliver sleepily groan as he pulled the covers over his head to hide from the light shining from the window. They had had a late night last night. They whole team had. They were chasing a small time criminal that had kept evading the cops after he robbed childrens hospitals of medicine. They had finally caught him sometime after midnight and didn't all get home and to bed until sometime after one.

Felicity smiled again as she ran her hand through Olivers bed head. "Wake up sleepy head." she said as she poked his head with her finger. He graoned again as he rolled onto his back and looked up at her. "Five more minutes?" he pleaded, teasing her. "Shut up." she said with a giggle as she lightly hit him with a pillow. He grinned as he a sat up and kissed her on the lips. She smiled as she kissed back.

He pulled away a second all later and gently rubbed her baby bump. "How's this one doing?" he asked as he kissed it. "It kept me up all night. Thats how its doing." Felicity grumbled with a small smirk. He chuckled slightly as he talked to her belly. "Hey, let mommy get some sleep. She was up late keeping Daddy alive. She deserves rest." Felicity smiled wide as she watched Oliver talk to their baby. It was adorable.

"Do you want to find out what it is today?" Felicity asked him. He looked up at her and shrugged. "Im not sure... What do you think?" they were both going to an ultrasound today and had been debating for awhile whether of not they wanted to know the gender. "I don't know either." Felicity said as she sighed. "It's such a big deal you know?" she asked. He nodded. "Yeah. I know what you mean."

Suddenly, Olivers phone started ringing. He frowned as he grabbed it from the nightstand and checked the caller id. "Who is it?" Felicity asked as she saw his frown. He didn't answer her question as he answered the phone. "Hello?" he asked. She couldn't hear the other end of the conversation, but by the way Oliver kept getting paler she guessed it wasn't good news. "What's going on" she whispered to him as she saw tears enter his eyes and his mouth drop slowly. "Okay... I'll... I'll be there in an hour." he said.

Okay. This could NOT be good. she thought as he hung up at turned to her a shocked expression on his face. "Oliver?" she prompted. "Um... Remember Sandra Hawke. The girl i told you about that uh... Well, lost our baby?" he asked her. She nodded. "Yes." he had told her that story after they had gotten married. Last she heard, Sandra was living in Central City. "She... Uh... She died yesterday." Oliver said. "Oh Oliver. I'm sorry." Felicity said as she stroked his arm reassuringly.

Oliver swallowed hard. "That's not all. They... They want me to come downtown and pick up my son." He said as he meet her widened eyes. "I have a son." he said breathlessly.


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