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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"What!?" Felicity yelped as Oliver told her what had happened. "You said that she said she lost it! Are they sure!?" Oliver nodded slowly. "Yeah. I was in her will. She wanted me to know. Apparently my mom paid her off to tell me she lost it." Oliver bit his bottom lip as he looked down. "If only i knew..." "hey, it's okay." Felicity said softly as she rubbed his knee. "It want your fault." Oliver nodded slowly as he looked up at her. "They, uh, they want me to take custody of him." Felicitys eye widened. "Oh." she said simply. "Um... What are your thoughts on that?" Oliver shook his head. "I have no idea." "let's just play it by ear then." Felicity suggested. "We'll pick him up and take him home. He needs something stable for a few days at least. We don't have to keep him, but just... Foster him. At least until we can find someone to care for him permanently?" She suggested. Oliver nodded slowly. "Okay."


It was safe to say that Oliver was completely freaking out. And who could blame him? He just found out he had been a father for 11 years and didn't even know it. "Oliver, breath." Felicity instructed as she held tightly onto his hand. He snapped out of his train of thought and did as instructed. They were both sitting in the lobby of a child service center awaiting there first meeting with Connor. Felicity had her hands wrapped up with his as his leg bounced up and down. One of his quirks he did when he was nervous.

Truthfully, Felicity was freaking out too. But she was determined to be strong for Oliver. "Mr and Mrs Queen?" a woman asked as she entered the room. Felicity had to take a second to realize that she was the Mrs. Queen she was referring too. She still wasn't used to not using her last name. "Yes." She said with a smile as she stood up with Oliver her hand still wrapped with his. "This way please." the women said with a smile as she lead them down the hall to a door that she opened to reaviel a young boy sitting in a chair by a desk that the women walked in and sat behind.

Felicity saw Olivers eyes widen and his mouth open slightly as they both took in the sight of his child. His son. He had Olivers eyes and his blonde hair. His skin tone was slightly darker than Olivers (presumably from his mother) but everything else about him looked very much like Oliver. He kept his eyes on the floor as Felicity urged Oliver forward and they both sat down in the two other chairs next to Connors. The social workers had warned them that he would be a little distant, and shy. But he would hopefully warm up to them after he got to know them better.

"I just need you to sign these, and you can go." The women said with a smile as she handed a peice of paper and a pen over to Oliver. Oliver was still staring at Connor with wide eyes so Felicity took the paper first and signed her name neatly on it before nudging Oliver out of his trance and getting him to sign it too. "Okay. Everything's in order." the women said with a smile. "You can take him now."


"So... Um, Conner." Felicity started as she knelt down in front of him. "My name's Felicity." She said with a smile." The social worker had left them both alone to, "get better acquainted" with Connor. He silently look up at her, fear in his eyes. And Felicity couldn't blame him. He HAD just lost his mother. "Hi." his soft voice said as he looked down at the floor and bit his lip. Felicity glanced at Oliver and glanced at Connor. He seemed to get the message as he came over next to them, a huge smile on his face. "Hi." He said brightly. "I'm Oliver. I was a friend of your moms. She wanted us to look after you." he said softly as he rubbed his sons knee.

They had both decided that it would be best not to tell Connor right away about the fact that Oliver was his father. They wanted to ease him into it. "Nice to meet you." Connor said softly, his gaze fixed on the floor. Oliver looked helplessly at Felicity, and she looked helplessly back at him. They were so not ready for this.

"Is there a baby in there?" Connor suddenly asked. Felicity looked back at him to see him starring wide eyed at her belly. "Uh.... Yeah." she said brightly. "You wanna feel it?" she asked with a smile. He looked up at her for the first time and her breath caught in her throat as she starred into his eyes, so much like Olivers.

"Yeah." he answered her question with wide eyes. She smiled sweetly as she gently pressed his small hand to her stomach. As if on cue, the baby kicked. Connors eyes went wider as he grinned up at Felicity. "Woah, cool." Felicity giggled slightly as she looked up at Oliver. He smiled down at both of them as she turned back to look at Connor. "Yeah. It is pretty cool." she said. "Mommy told me babies come from Mommy's and Daddy's. But i dont have a daddy..." he said as he pulled his hand away from her stomach and starred once again at the floor. "And now i don't have a mommy." he said, a tear falling from his eye.

Felicity bit her lip as she looked up at Oliver. She saw a flash of guilt in his eyes as he kept a smile on his face. "Lets go home, okay?" Oliver said as he stood up. He helped Felicity up before she urged Connor up. He grabbed her hand as they all three left the building. This was going to be interesting....


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