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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

The drive home had been pretty uneventful. Connor sat quietly in the back seat, and it was only a few minutes drive to the mansion. Felicity smiled at Connor expression when he saw the mansion. "You live here?" he asked quietly. "Yeah. Its crazy big right?" Felicity said with a smile. "Yeah." Connor said before he looked back at his hands. Felicity looked at Oliver to see another flash of guilt cross his face.

After the phone call from Social services, Felicity and Oliver had debated for a few minutes on how best to proceed. They had no idea how to raise a 11 year old, so finally they decided to foster him until a proper home could be given to him. It was the least they could do. But now they both weren't so sure. Connor clearly needed something stable. Whether they could provide said stability though, was another story.

The car jostled a little over a bump in the road as Oliver drove. Connor gasped as he grabbed the seatbelt and closed his eyes tight. Felicity rubbed his knee, trying to comfort him. The social services office had told them about how Sandra died. In a car crash. Connor had been in the back seat. Felicity could kick herself. Why hadn't she thought about that? He was probably terrified of cars now. "It's okay sweety." she soothed. "We're almost home." he nodded slowly as he opened his eyes and stared at her.


Wack. Wack. Wack. The sound of bamboo sticks hitting sticks sounded through the air as Slade and Malcolm fought. They spun around and around trying to get an advantage on the other. "Good. You're better than i thought you would be." Malcolm said with a small smile as they stopped. Slade said nothing as he bowed to Merlin.

Merlin smiled as he took the bamboo stick from Slades hands and set them down on the table. "I do not understand how relearning to fight the same way i always have helps me get one step closer to killing Oliver." Slade said as he stood up to his full height. "Brushing up on your skills is never a waste of time Mr. Wilson." Malcolm said as he took a drink from a water bottle.

Slade thought better of saying anything as he stood silently. "I assume the job we had planned went well?" Malcolm asked. Slade knew that Malcolm already knew of the outcome, but wanted to test him. "It did. The boy is with his father. Just as planned." he said with a small smile. Malcolm nodded. "Good. Lets let him settle down. Then... Well you know." he said with a grin.


"This'll be your room for now sweetie." Felicity said with a smile as she showed Connor to Olivers old bedroom. She and Oliver currently occupied the master bedroom. "Woah." Connor said as his eyes went wide and he took in the size of the room. "This is all mine?" he asked, turning back to look at her. Felicity nodded. "Yep."

Connor bit his lip as he looked at the King sized bed, then back to her with a questioning look. Felicity caught on right away and grinned. She grabbed his hand and they both ran toward the bed with wide smiles. They both jumped at the same time and landed together, laughing. Connor stood up first and helped her as they both began jumping. They're laughter mixed together as they jumped higher and higher on the bed.

Felicity saw Olivers amused expression as he watched them both from the door. Felicity giggled as she flopped down, Connor landing next to her. "That was fun." she said, slightly out of breath. "Yeah." Connor nodded. "My mom and i used to do that... Before... You know." Felicity smiled sympathetically as she rubbed his hair gently.

Oliver came in the bed as well as Connor started sniffing like he was about to cry. Felicity wrapped her arms around him as he shoved his face into her shoulder sobbing quietly. Oliver rubbed his back as he sobbed, and came closer so they were all touching, Connor in the middle.

Felicity wanted to say it was okay, but she couldn't. Because it wasn't. "I'm so sorry." She said softly as she rubbed his hair. He didn't say anything as his crying slowly slowed. Felicity bit her lip as she looked at Oliver helplessly. He shared the same expression as he bit his lip as well.

They lay there for about 10 minutes before it became clear to them that Connor had fallen asleep. Felicity and Oliver both quietly slipped out of the bed. Felicity kissed Connors forehead before she took Olivers hand and they both left the room.

"What are we doing?" Felicity whispered as she rubbed her temples. "I have no idea what i'm doing Oliver." "Me either." he admitted as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug.


It was about an hour later when Connor shuffled down the staires complaining about beging hungry. Felicity saw hope in that. Weren't all men always hungry? She helped him fix a peanut butter sandwich and sat with him in the dinning room. Oliver came in a little bit later with some milk that he gave to Connor.

"Did you sleep good?" he asked. Connor nodded shyly. Oliver smiled. "Thats good." Felicity winched. This wasn't going well. It was obvious that Connor wasnt very comfortable with men. Oliver seemed to get that as he left the room with a small smile at Felicity which she returned.

"So. Tell me about yourself." Felicity said with a small smile as she ruffled his hair. Connor chuckled slightly as he took a bite of the sandwich. "Not much to tell." he said. Felicity smirked. He sounded so old... "Aww. Come on. There's gotta be something you can tell me about you." she prompted. He shrugged. "I like animals." Felicity smiled. "See. That's something. What's your favorite?" "Wolves." he said with a sheepish smile.

"Thats my favorite." Oliver said as he re-entered the room. Connor smiled at him. "Really?" Oliver nodded. "Yeah. I saw one once. In the woods. My dad took me camping." Connors eyes grew wide as he listened to Oliver tell the story. Felicity smiled at both of them as she left the room quietly.


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