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Julian Jr Alvarado

Makes sense, although Ronan isnt the type of guy to go along with someone like Thanos for long, Ronan is a hero of his people and although his hate for Xandar is a huge character flaw, I am sure he would overcome his hate for the greater good once he saw the truth, I would like to see him as evil in the first movie then change sides when he realizes what Thanos is really planning which is the extermination of half the universe to appease his love interest Death herself.

Ultron would of course be controlled by Thanos, but a willing servant since killing half of the biological universe sits well with him.

I say skip the Thor movie villain and instead give us an UNDERCOVER LOKI, because according to Marvel he really does want to be good, and since the only person that could pull of an undercover mission when it comes to Thanos is Loki, we have our saving grace and we can let Loki who is a phenomenal actor be a good guy for us.

Guardians of the Galaxy better show up for this fight, they will be needed and they are all great actors.


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