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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Can i come?" Connor asked with his best puppy dog eyes as he looked up at Felicity. Felicity looked at Oliver questioningly. He sighed as he nodded. "Sure kiddo." "yes!" Connor exclaimed as he raced to get his jacket. Felicity pulled Oliver in for a kiss. They were heading to get an Ultrasound and Connor was excited to say the least. It seemed like his earlier shyness was gone and he was back to being a 11 year old boy.

Felicity and Oliver had gotten into a rhythm with handling Connor and he seemed to just fit right in. As if he was never not part of their lives. He was back next to them by the door withen seconds. A huge smile on his face as he took Felicitys outstretched hand.

It wasnt ten minutes later and they were at the hospital. After fighting through some reporters, they met up with Diggle and Roy in the waiting room. Connor was initially shy, but warmed right up to both of them. It wasn't long until Roy was playing tag with him in the halls.

Finally the time had come. Felicity and Oliver were led into the room and Felicity was told to sit down, which she did. And lift her shirt , which she also did. "This'll be a little cold." The nurse said as she sqeezed some sort of paste like thing on her stomach. More like freezing. Felicity thought to herself as she reached for Olivers hand, which he grabbed immediately.

Conoor left Roy and came over to sit in Olivers lap as Diggle and Roy looked over the nurses shoulder at the ultrasound. "Oh my gosh." Diggle said softly as he looked the screen. Felicity thought she saw tears in his eyes as he looked at them. "You two make a pretty baby." he said with a smile. Roy nodded his agreement as the nurse turned the screen and showed it to them.

Felicity gasped as she saw the baby. Their baby. She flet tears well in her eyes as she gripped Olivers hand. Connor was grinning as he looked from her stomach to the picture with an awed look. "Would you like to learn the gender?" the nurse asked with a polite smile. Felicity looked at Oliver and he nodded. She turned back to the nurse and noded. "Yeah."

The nurse turned the monitor back toward her as she looked closer at the scan. She smiled as she looked back up at them. "Congratulations. It's a girl."


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