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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Felicity couldn't stop smiling. They were having a girl. She wouldn't have said anything to Oliver, but she had hoped it was one. She always wanted a girl.

Oliver felt tears well in his eyes. They were having a girl. He couldn't be happier.

They decided after the appointment to go celebrate at Big Belly Burger. Partly because Felicity was seriously craving a chocolate milkshake, and partly so they could tell Adam about the gender of his granddaughter.

Connor had never been to Big Belly, so he was very excited. The car ride didn't even faze him as they drove the short distance to the restaurant. Diggle and Roy opted out of coming and left with a goodbye and a clearly double meaning of the words "see you later." Oliver and Felicity weren't sure how they were going to handle the whole "arrow thing" with the baby. And now they had to address it now since they had Connor. They decided to talk about it later when they got home.

Adam was thrilled to see Felicity and Oliver as they entered the restaurant. He immediately went for a hug, but they both awkwardly went for a handshake instead. They introduced Connor to his, technically, step-grandfather. But of course, he knew nothing about that. Adam was a little surprised, but was welcoming of Connor nonetheless.

He was even more thrilled however to learn the gender of the baby. He had always dreamed of his baby girl having a baby girl of her own. After they had dinner, they all went home. It was getting late when Oliver pulled Felicity away fron earshot of Connor and asked her what they were going to do about tonight. He couldn't just abandoned the city, but he really didn't want to leave either. Felicity assured him they would be fine, and that it was okay to go. He did, reluctantly, after saying a rushed goodbye to each of them.

Felicity and Connor decided to make some popcorn, and after Felicity learned he had never seen Star Trek 3, they decided to watch it together. Felicity was a huge Trekkie. She had been trying to get Oliver into it for awhile with no luck. Connor enjoyed himself. He had told her He had watched the first two star trek films with his mom, but they had never gotten around to watching the next one. Spock was his favorite character, and he was very happy when he was alive at the end.

All in all, it had been a pretty good day. Oliver found them later that night when He got home, asleep on the couch.


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