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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Felicity woke to see Connor gone. The last thing she remembered was watching Star Trek with him and they fell asleep on the couch. She got up slowly, rubbing her belly. Her baby girl, she remembered with a smile.

She walked over to the window rubbing her tired eyes as she looked out into the yard to see Connor and Oliver playing with gloves and a baseball. Felicity felt a smile form on her face as she watched father and son play together. They were so sweet.


Later that day, they decided to go shopping for baby girl things to start decorating the babies room. They asked Roy to come over and watch Connor and he happily agreed. They had become good friends since the ultrasound.

Felicity was excited, but nervous, as they entered the store. From looking at Olivers face, he felt the same way. "I'm lost." Felicity admitted softly. "Me too." Oliver said as he took her hand and a cart as they began to navigate the maze that was the childrens section of the store.


"No! Stop!" Connor giggled as Roy held him upside down and tickled his stomach. "Never!" Roy said as he laughed as well, slowly stopping tickling so Connor could get a breath in. "Not fair." Connor said as Roy flopped him down in the couch. "Yes fair." Roy said back at him with a smirk.

Connor playfully stuck his tongue out at Roy and Roy copied him with a smirk. Then they both started laughing again.


"They're back!" Connor called as he ran toward the door as he saw Oliver and Felicitys car pull up the long Queen family driveway. Roy smiled as he followed him toward the door.

"We're back!" Felicity announced as she and Oliver entered through the front door carrying some bags as Connor ran up to them and hugged each of them. Felicity and Oliver both shared the same smile as Connor did so. And Roy couldn't help but smile either. Connor had clearly gotten pretty attached to them.

"Stay for dinner Roy?" Felicity asked with a smile as Oliver took the bags with Connor to the table. "No. I gotta go." Roy said as he stuffed his hands in his hoodie pockets. "You sure?" Oliver asked as he came back into the foyer. "Yeah. I got stuff to do." Roy said with a small smile as he waved goodbye and left.

"What do you think kiddo?" Felicity asked as she looked through the the kitchen for something to make. "Mac and cheese, or Mac and cheese?" she said with a small smile as she looked at Connor. Connor rolled his eyes as he pretend to think. "Um... Mac and cheese!"

Oliver grinned as he ruffles Connors hair. "Good choice." he teased as Connor beamed up at him.


After dinner, Felicity and Oliver helped Connor get ready for bed. It had been almost a week since he was unexpectedly thrust into their lives. Oliver was in charge of watching Connor brush his teeth, while Felicity tucked him in. They both said goodnight as they turned the light off and went downstairs.

"Laurel's been searching for a family for Connor, and I think she's found a good one." Oliver said. "I think they're nice enough. They really want a son." he says as he looks at Felicity, waiting for her reaction. Felicity nodded slowly, hesitant. "That's... Good..."

Their eyes met and they both silently communicated to each other. There was no way they were getting rid of their son. Before they could utter a word of that out loud though, a quiet voice from the stairs asked, "You're giving me away?" they both turned to see Connor standing on the stairs, his eyes full of tears.

"No sweety, we're-" Felicity started but was cut off when Connor ran up the stairs, sobbing. Felicity and Oliver shared a look before running after him. "Connor!" she called. They chased him to the end of the hall where he broke down, sobbing, on the floor.

They slowed down to a walk as they approached him. Before they could reach him though, the window burst open. Connor screamed as a black hooded figure jumped through it, followed by two other figures dressed the same.

Felicity gasped as Oliver shoved her out of the way of an arrow as he launched himself toward the hooded figures. He attacked the first one grabbing a vase that he smashed against his head. The figure ducked and kicked Olivers knee making him drop down to the floor as they backed away from him. Olivers knee screamed in pain as he grunted trying to stand. He couldn't get his knee to work though and stayed on the ground.

The second figure flipped and kicked Olivers temple making his head start to pound. The last thing he saw before he passed out was Connor being grabbed.


"Dad!" Connor cried as he was grabbed from behind and pulled toward the window. Felicity watched, helpless, as Connor was dragged through the window. She chocked back a sob as she raced to Olivers side. "Oliver!?" she cried as she checked for a pulse. Good. He still had one.

She raced to the window and looked out it to see Connor being shoved into a van. The figures jumped in with him as the van pulled away.


Connor was shaking with fear during the long drive to an airport. He was dragged out of the van and shoved toward a tall dark haired man that his kidnappers called Malcolm. He tried to be brave as he refused to cry as Malcolm grabbed his shoulder gently and led him inside the plane. Connor watched him warily as he was placed in a chair next to a stern looking man with an eye patch that Malcolm called Slade.

One of his kidnappers followed him into the plane. In the light of the plane Connor could tell the kidnapper was a women. And she kept calling Malcolm Dad. Connor shook his head. He didn't care. He just wanted away from these people. He wanted Oliver and Felicity.


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