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Major Update

Microsoft's viral audio series Hunt The Truth has released a preview for the second installment of the series, which begins tomorrow, September 22, 2015! Click here to listen to the preview and read all the exclusive details on the new season!

Halo 5: Guardians is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, set to release on Xbox One October 27, 2015. 343i and Microsoft are the creators of the game, but a mysterious new twitter account may hold the biggest clue to the game yet.

The Triad (click to go to the twitter account) has been posting mysterious, cryptic tweets talking about one of the most important religious aspects of the halo universe - transcendence.

3 lives linked together - transcendence.
3 lives linked together - transcendence.

Halofollower explains the signifigance of this twitter account and the religion in the Halo universe, stating:

The Triad is a spiritually based religion started by Dasc Gevadim. Its beliefs center around three lives that each person contains, which can be “linked together” to achieve spiritual “Transcendence.” The word “Triad” means three elements coming together, much like the spiritual belief of The Triad.
In the Halo universe, The Triad is a very popular and common religion practiced by many humans. The Triads believe that each and every person has three lives that reside and can be accessed. According to Dasc, the three lives can be linked, leading to Transcendence to whomever linked their souls.
Dasc formed the Triads and preached his teachings to many via videos which sold exponentially well. These videos taught viewers about the Triads, the three souls everyone carries, how to link them, and naturally Transcendence. Dasc, however, disappeared, and self-exiled himself to Beta Gabriel, an ocean world in the Epsilon Eridani system. After his disappearance, many believed he had Transcended, and as such, Dasc chose to stay hidden and allowed his followers to continue on.
But, during the invasion by the Covenant of the Epsilon Eridani system, Dasc chose to stay behind in hiding, even shooting and killing Connor Brien with Connor’s own pistol in order to insure that Dasc, himself, was still believed to be Transcended by his followers, to insure that the religion continued uninterrupted.

They also have created an amazing video about The Triad, which I have posted below.

As more information becomes available I will update this article so be sure to keep checking back!


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