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Last year, before either the teaser or trailer were released, I wrote an article entitled "5 Things Batman Should Have In Dawn of Justice." Not only did I write my opinion, I let others get involved in the comments. They thought of some great ideas and so they were written about by yours truly in the article.

If you want to go check out the list myself and fellow fans came up with, take a look HERE

Anyway, now that we've seen some footage from the most hyped film in probably decades, it's time to run through this list again and see if we're getting what we asked for and what we'll be paying for when we take our seats at the cinema.

1. Multiple Fighting Styles

We have had a multitude of Batman films. But none have truly captured the full capabilities of the Dark Knight's face punching, bone breaking and ligament tearing skills. Well, it looks like Zack Snyder is finally going to be giving the audience what they deserve. It's no surprise really, considering his work in Watchmen and Man of Steel. Snyder truly has a visionary look on directing action scenes.

2. Batarangs

As mentioned previously, Nolan's Batman rarely incorporated Batarangs into his kit. Even so, he used them sparingly and not as comic book Batman would utilize this gadget. But it looks like Batman will have more comic looking and functioning gadgets in the new DCEU.

3. Bruce Wayne's Ingenuity

Bruce Wayne is not just a smart guy. He is a genius. He HAS to be in order to take on the Man of Steel! The reasoning for exactly how this Dark Knight will stand a fighting chance against Superman has yet to be seen. But it makes one thing certain: He will. The film is called Batman v Superman!

4. Batman's Mindset

We definitely saw this in the Comic-Con trailer. Bruce Wayne does have a good point as to why they must deal with Superman.

"20 yrs in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way? He (Superman) has the power to wipe out the entire human race...and we have to destroy him."

5. Batman's Brutality

Batman won't and shouldn't take a life and you can check out why he shouldn't kill HERE.

However it does look like this Dark Knight Returns inspired Batman will be willing to - and even enjoys - inflicting brutality and witnessing the insufferable suffering of the criminals he preys on each night. Specifically, by branding his symbol on whoever crosses him.

Well that should about do it for now. Is there anything NEW you want to see from the new Batman? If you've got any ideas, thoughts or opinions, post 'em down in the comments and remember...

The red capes are coming! Whose side are you on?
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