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Well, The Martian has a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the general consensus is that Matt Damon absolutely slays in the film. As far as sci-fi movies go, this could be 2015's Interstellar, and you shouldn't be surprised to see the film get similar recognition to that which the Matthew McConaughey masterpiece received last year - or better, honestly.

Let's kick it off with the co-sign from NASA. It doesn't get much better than a Tweet from the International Space Station from a crew of astronauts who thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Let's also peep a rundown of some professional rave reviews we've been seeing up to this point for the October 2nd release

Here's Mike Ryan from UPROXX weighing in on the film:

Richard Larson had some good things to say as well:

Mashable's Jordan Hoffman forgave Ridley Scott for Prometheus, raving about the film as well:

BuzzFeed's Adam Vary shouted out the film too:

Pair these Tweets with these three reputable reviewers' opinions and I'm pretty much sold

Here are some more miscellaneous Tweets from TIFF that demonstrate serious interest

Sounds like the film is going to do quite well and deservedly so. I'm looking forward to October 2nd. Are you?


Are you excited for 'The Martian' with Matt Damon?

(Via: Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter)


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