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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"He's waking up!" was the first thing Oliver heard as he slowly opened his eyes. He suddenly remembered what had happened and shot upright. "Connor!" He called before looking around him and realizing where he was. The liar. He felt Felicitys hand on his shoulder and saw Diggle and Roy next to her. "He's gone." Felicity said as she choked back a sob. "They took him."

Oliver felt like his world was falling apart.


Connor felt like his world was falling apart.

He had been silent the whole plane ride as he tried to show as little fear as possible. They had left him alone for the most part but he didn't move from his seat. Oliver would save him. He was sure of it. He had seen the way Oliver had fought those guys. But still a thought kept pestering him. They were going to give him up. He had heard them say so. Maybe this would be easier for them. Just let him get kidnapped and never have to see him again....


Oliver's fist hit the table with a loud bang as he unleashed his anger and frustration on it. "What did that table ever do to you?" Felicity asked sarcasticly as she furiously typed away at the computer trying to find any information they could use to find Connor.

Oliver ignored her question as he punched the punching bag a few times. Roy and Diggle stood by Felicity, trying to help in any way they could. Olivers leg was bandaged up and he was favoring his other leg heavily as he hobbled over to Felicity. "Did you find anything on those guys?" he asked as he looked over her shoulder.

Felicity shook her head, her ponytail swaying. "No. Not yet." she said, her voice wavering slightly. This wasn't just some random kidnapping. Or a faceless victim. This was, for all intents and purposes, her Son.


When the plane landed, The hooded female figure pulled Connor from his chair and somewhat gently lead him out of the plane. They were followed closely by Malcolm and Slade.

Connor looked around him at his peculiar surroundings. It didn't look like anywhere in Starling City, or in Central City. It looked almost foreign... "Welcome to Asia." Malcolm said with a small smirk as he took in Connors opened mouth face.

Connor was led from the plane to a house not far from the landing strip. It looked like a mansion. Not like the Queens though, much more.... Natural. And smaller. He was led to a living room where he was instructed to sit down on the couch. Which he reluctantly did. Slade stood behind Malcolm as Malcolm sat down across from Connor. The woman glanced at Malcolm before leaving the room.

Connor swallowed hard as he fiddled with his fingers, looking everywhere but Slade and Malcolm as the silence became awkward.


"I think i got something!" Felicity suddenly exclaimed. Jumping slightly. Oliver was by her side in seconds. "What?" He asked. "I was checking all the airport security tapes and found this." She said as she pointed to one of the screens. Diggle, Roy, and Oliver all watched to see a small boy, recognizably Connor, be led into the plane. Standing on the ramp was, "Malcolm." Oliver said softly.

He could also see the figure of a women leading Connor into the plane. For some reason she looked familiar to him... He shrugged it off as he looked down at Felicity. "Can you find out where it was going?" He asked. "On it." she said as she started typing again.


"Connor Hawke." Malcolm finally said, breaking the silence. Connor stared at him, silent. "I apologize for taking you so abruptly from your temporary living situation. But i needed to see you." he said with a creepy grin. "And i didn't know how else to get you here."

Connor continued to stay silent as he looked up at him. "Now, I assume you're wondering why i wanted you here? And that answer is simple. I want to help you." He said with a small smile.

"Help me?" Connor asked. "Ah. He can speak." Malcolm said with a small chuckle. "Yes. Help you. What? Did you think i wanted to harm you? I wanted to save you." he said earnestly with almost enough passion to make Connor believe him. Almost. "I don't believe you."

"You should." he said as he gestured to Slade. Slade nodded and left the room, only to return a few seconds later with the now unmasked woman. She had short brown hair and brown eyes. She looked a lot like...

"Thea Merlin." Thea said, extending her hand for Connor to take, which he hesitantly did. She shook it with a small smile and looked at Malcolm who nodded. "I'm gonna show you to your room now okay?" she asked sweetly. Connor nodded as he let her lead him from the room.


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