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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Connor let Thea lead him through the maze of the house before they finally reached his "new room." It was big. Not as big as his room in the Queen mansion. But big.

"I think you're going to like it here Connor." Thea said with a smile. Connor didn't think so, but he didn't say anything as he let go of Theas hand and looked around.


"Asia!" Felicity suddenly exclaimed as she finished typing. Oliver looked over her shoulder and bite his lip. "Looks like Queen Consolidated is going to pay a visit to its Asian firm." Oliver said as he looked to Diggle and Roy.

"Before you say anything to try and convince us not to come with you," Diggle started. "We're coming with you." he said firmly. Oliver smiled slightly. "Okay." he said simply knowing he couldn't convince them otherwise. "I'm coming to." Felicity said as she stood, rubbing her belly. "No." Oliver said immediately.

Felicity glared at him and stood her ground. "Yes. He's my son just as much as yours Oliver. Im going with you. I promise I'll stay out of danger." she pleaded with him, biting her lower lip. Oliver sighed heavily and looked down before nodding slowly. "Okay. You can come."


The flight seemed to take forever before they finally touched down. Felicity rubbed her belly as Oliver helped her down the ramp, followed by Roy and Diggle. They looked around. Taking in the surroundings. Before getting in the car waiting for them and being driven to the hotel.

"Can you track where exactly they went?" Oliver asked Felicity gently. Felicity nodded. "Already on it." she said as she pulled her tablet from her bag and began to type.


After Connor had a look around his room, Thea had lead him into what looked like a training facility. Connor looked around with wide eyes before looking at the two figures, he identified as Malcolm and Slade, dueling in the center.

Connor watched them both as he stood next to Thea who placed a gentle hand on his shoudler. A few seconds later, Malcolm and Slade stopped, coming to a tie.

Malcolm gestured Thea forward and she left Connors side, giving him a small smile. Slade eyed Connor warily before going to the other side of the room. Malcolm and Thea talked quietly for a few minutes before Malcolm turned to face Connor with a wide smile. "Ah. Connor. So nice of you to join us."

Connor didn't think it was so nice, but he didn't comment as Malcolm walked over to his side with a smile. "Aw. Don't be like that." Malcolm teased. "I want to help you Connor. Not harm you." he says. Connor frowned. He didn't like this.

Thea came back over to Connors side, and Connor was strangely comforted by her presence. She placed a hand on his shoulder and looked to Malcolm. "Dad. Why don't we go eat?" she asked politely. Malcolm nodded. "Splendid idea." he praised as he took Connor by the hand. "What would you like to eat? Anything at all." Malcolm said as he walked with Thea and Connor to the dining room.

Connor hesitated debating whether to say anything. What could the harm be? He thought as he looked at Malcolm. "Maybe... Mac and Cheese?" he asked. Malcolm chuckled slightly before nodding. "Sure. Sounds good." he gives a pointed look at the chef, and he bows, leaving the room.

"Tommy, my son, loved Mac and cheese." Malcolm said as they all sat in a chair around the small breakfast table. Connor frowned slightly before regaining a neutral expression. "Cool." he said unemotionaly. "Oliver liked it to." Thea said, breaking the awkward silence.

Slade walked in at that moment. Walking over to Malcolm. "Mr. Merlin." his deep voice boomed as he looked down at him. Malcolm looked up. "The targets have arrived." he proclaimed. Malcolm nodded. "Take care of it." he said with a small smile. Slade nodded before leaving the room.


Felicity, Oliver, Diggle and Roy were all in the hotel. Felicity was furiously typing away on the computer trying to follow the trail, trying to find Connor. Oliver was pacing, but Roy and Diggle were, in contrast, calm. At least on the outside.

"Oliver if you keep pacing like that.... Its gonna drive me mad."Felicity said as she continued to type, not even looking up. "Sorry." Oliver said, stopping and looking down.

Felicity kept typing, trying to find anything she could.


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