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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Felicity was still typing away in the hotel room. Roy and Diggle had gone out a while ago to get some food for the four of them, and Oliver was doing some sort of yogaish things... Felicity wasn't quite sure what he was doing, but at least he wasn't annoying her anymore. She absentmindadly rubbed her belly as she typed.


Diggle and Roy were coming back from getting food when they were ambushed from behind. They barely had time to react as both of them were dragged into a black van.


After eating, Malcolm and Thea led Connor to the training room. Connor was instructed to watch as they fought each other. He admittedly was intrigued by their fighting as he watched with wide eyes. They fought for what felt like minutes, But was actually over an hour, before Slade returned. He whispered something to Malcolm and they both left the room.

"You wanna try?" Thea asked Connor, holding out a stick for Connor to use. Connor hesitated before taking it from her. What could the harm be? Thea smield wide as she quickly showed him a few moves. How to place his feet. And how to block and hit.

Soon they were in a constant eb and flow of movement. Connor would strike, Thea woild block. And so on. Connor grinned slightly as they continued. This was more fun than he thought it would be. They fought for a while longer before Malcolm came back for Thea. He whispered a few worss to her that Connor couldn't make out before Thea nodded.

"We'll finish this later." She promised Connor with a small smile before following Malcolm from the room. Slade came a few seconds later and escorted Connor silently from the training room to Connors bedroom where he was instructed to stay. And the door was locked as Slade left.

Connor bit his lip as he sat on the bed. He yawned slightly as he lay down on his side. It had been a long day. And he was exhausted. His last thoughts before falling asleep were of Oliver and Felicity. He wondered if they were looking for him.


Roy and Diggle woke up in a cell. They each had a foot chained to each other and were stripped of their weapons and phones. "Well this is just great." Roy commented. Diggle just sighed.

They weren't waiting long until Malcolm entered the room outside of the cell. Followed shortly by "Thea!?" Roy said aloud as the brunette entered the room. "Hey Roy." she said with a small smile.


"Oliver. Roy and Diggle were takin." Felicity said softly. "What!?" Oliver jumped up from the floor and came over to her. Felicity didn't say anything as she clicked the play button on the video she had just received.

It showed Diggle and Roy, both unconscious, on the floor. Before Malcolm took over the screen. "Ah. Hello Oliver." he said with a smirk. Oliver clenched his fists as he stayed silent and watched. "Found your friends. Oh. And i might have your son as well. He's in no danger. I promise. But i need him. Stop looking for us, or Diggle and Roy are dead." the screen faded to black.

Felicity looked up at Oliver, tears in her eyes. "What do we do?"


It was cold in Nanda Parbat as Ra's stood silently on the balcony. He breathed in the cold air of the mountain as he watched his daughters train in the snow beneath him.

The silence was broken by a league member approaching Ra's. "Sir. Malcolm Merlin is attempting to contact you." Ra's nodded, dismissing the guard as he turned and walked inside to his study. He promptly answered the ringing phone. "You better have Oliver." Ra's said immediately.

"Not yet. But we have his son." Malcolm said in response. Ra's hesitated for a second before deciding that was satisfactory. "Bring him here." with that, he hung up the phone.

He leaned back in his chair, folding his hands in front of him, deep in thought.


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