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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Ra's felt his cloak billow around his body as he walked down the long corridor. He heard his two daughters fall into step behind him as he walked from the training room to the study. He dismissed the guards in the room with a wave of his hand as he shut the door.

He focused on Nyssa, his youngest, with a stern face. "Oliver Queens son is going to arrive soon. He should be proper leverage for my plans. I want him takin care of. Do you understand?" Nyssa nodded, bowing slightly. "Yes father."

"Good." Ra's said, turning his attention to his other daughter. "Are you prepared for your duties?" he asked. "Yes father." she replied. Bowing in the same way Nyssa had.

Ra's nodded back at her before looking between the two of them. They had grown so much in the past years. And they looked so much like their mother. Ra's shook his head to clear it as he gestured for both of them to leave. Which they promptly did.

Ra's turned to the large window behind him as he watched the snow fall slowly. He folded his arms in front of his body and looked out. Soon he would leave this place. But not yet.


Malcolm hadn't been to Nanda Parbat in years. Not since he left the league all those years ago. He took a deep breath as he watched Thea lead Connor onto the plane. He had debated letting Thea come with him, but decided it was better than the alternative of her staying alone with Slade.

Malcolm rubbed his temple gently. All these plans where starting to give him a headache. The things he couldn't tell Thea, the many lies he fed to Slade. It was exhausting. But it would be over soon. He just had to clear his name with Ra's, and then he'd be home free.

He followed Thea and Connor onto the plane, leaving Slade with strict instructions to leave Oliver alone. For now. But of course that was a lie in itself. Malcolm had no interest in killing Oliver. He never had. But in order to keep Slade at bay, it was better to just play along.

As for Roy and Diggle in the basement, Slade was under instructions to release them in 24 hours. Ordinarily, Malcolm wouldn't trust Slade to obey his commands, but that had all changed recently. Something had changed in Slade. He was much more passive, and Malcolm attributed that to the drug he had been slipping in Slades drinks for months. It countered the negative effects of the Mirakuru. At least Malcolm had hoped so.

But nevertheless, he trusted Slade. He would see if that was a foolhardy decision sooner rather than later, he speculated, as the door of the plane closed, and they began to take off.

He watched, slightly amused, as Thea played with Connor. As far as Malcolm knew, Connor had not been told of his true parentage, and he knew Thea didn't know. But they had somehow naturally adopted the roles of Aunt and Nephew.

Malcolm rubbed his temple again. The complexity of the lies he was telling, and secrets he was keeping weighed on him. But he needed to be in Ra's good graces. And fast. So for now, this was all necessary. But he didn't like it.


Slade felt oddly at home at the mansion he had come to call as such. Malcolm, Thea, and the boy, had left a few hours ago. And so far all had been well.

He held a glass of something, he wasn't completely sure what, in his hand as he watched the sun set from the balcony. Another day gone. And another closer to finally killing Oliver. And this time it would be quick. No more complicated plots. Just his hands wrapped around Olivers neck.

He should just go after him now. Malcolm and he had kept tabs on the four of "team arrows" members since they landed. But Malcolm had made it clear that Oliver was not to be touched. Not yet. And Slade was going to honor that request.

It was oddly uncharacteristic of him. He mused as he drank from his glass. But Malcolm had saved him. So he owed him more than just his obedience. So he would wait. But as soon as Malcolm gave the go ahead, Oliver was a dead man.


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