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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Malcolm walked from the plane airstrip to the doorway entrance to Ra's' palace. Connor was behind him, and Thea was behind Connor. Malcolm was quickly led to a conference room where Ra's was waiting. Malcolm glanced at Thea, silently instructing her to leave. Which she did. Leaving only Connor and Malcolm behind.

Malcolm placed a firm hand on Connors shoulder as he stood silently, waiting for Ra's to speak.

"So. This is the boy." Ra's finally said, turning around to face the two of them. Malcolm nodded. He had learned to keep his tounge in check around his former master. And that wasn't about to change now.

Ra's came over to them and leaned down to examine Connor closer. Connor back up into Malcolm, clearly frightened, but Malcolme held him firmly still. "He will be satisfactory." Ra's finally said. Standing to his full height and looking into Malcolms eyes. "But you are not, however, to abandon your mission. I want Oliver Queen."

Malcolm swallowed hard. So it seemed Ra's would not be persuaded from his in insistence for Oliver. This was going to prove difficult to do and still keep Thea in his good graces, But it would have to be done.

"Of course, master." Malcolm said. Bowing slightly. Ra's simply nodded. As he turned away from both of them. "Leave Connor in the care of Nyssa." he said. As he did so, Nyssa stepped foreward and took Connor, pulling him away from Malcolms grip. Connor struggled slightly, but stayed still.

Malcolm nodded again, bowing slightly. "Leave now. And bring me Oliver Queen." Ra's said, clearly dismissing him. Malcolm bowed fully, and left the room.

Thea quickly fell into step behind him. "Where's Connor?" she asked, clearly upset. "Not now." Malcolm insisted as he quickened his pace. "Yes now." Thea insisted. "What's going on? What's with this league thing? Why do they want Connor? And why are you working for them!?" she asked, keeping up with his pace.

"Not now!" Malcolm said again. Firmer this time. Thea thankfully abided and fell silently into step behind him. It seemed it was time to tell Thea everything. And Malcolm would. He only hoped she would understand.


Connor didn't like Malcolm, but he was at least comfortable with Thea. Which was a stark contrast to how he felt about his new caregivers. Nyssa had dragged him from the room and locked him inside a small bedroom where Connor currently sat. He didn't like this. He didn't like it at all.


Roy chucked a rock at the wall for the 46th time, He was counting, as he sat next to Diggle. They weren't sure how long they had been sitting there, but they were bored. Which was a weird thing to be when you've been kidnapped.

"Thea!?" "Hey Roy."

Thea knelt down next to him so she was eye level with him as she smiled sadly. "Thea. What are you doing? Why are you working with Malcolm!?" he asked. Thea just smiled sadly. "He's my father, Roy. He's the only one who hasn't lied through his teeth to me. When exactly were you going to tell me you worked with the Arrow? The Arrow kiled my mother." she spat bitterly. Roy bit his lip and stayed silent. Not sure what to say. Thea smiled sadly again as she stood. "I'll make sure you don't get hurt." she said as she turned to leave.

Roy shook his head. He should have said something. It was Thea. Oliver was going to flip when he found out.

Roy was about to throw the rock again when the door to the cell opened. He and Diggle both stood quickly, but were both knocked out by some sort of gas before they could do anything.

"Oliver!" Felicity. That was Felicitys voice. Roy groaned softly as he tried to open his eyes. "Roy." Felicity said gently. Roy felt what he assumed to be her hand on his shoulder as his eyes finally fluttered open.

He saw Felicity kneeling over him, her hands on either side of his shoulders. He saw Diggle next to him, Oliver leaning over him. "What happened?" Roy asked softly, looking up at Felicity. Felicity bit her lip and shared a look with Oliver before looking down at Roy. "You and Diggle were just dropped off back at the hotel room. We don't know what happened."

A few hours later, after the effects of the gas wore off, Diggle and Roy told their side of the story. Oliver took the news of Thea pretty well. But was clearly upset. And who could blame him?

"Was she okay?" Oliver asked finally. "Was she happy?" Roy bit his lip slightly before nodding. "She seemed happy enough. Oliver nodded slowly. "Good. That's good."

"Oliver she's with Malcolm Merlin. How is this good?" Roy asked. "She's happy. And that's all i want her to be. And she's right to be mad at us. We should have told her." Oliver said softly.


Ra's watched his two daughters train in the light from the moon. Soon he would leave them. But they didn't know that. But first he needed Oliver. Using whatever means necessary. But that could wait. For now, he watched his daughters with pride. A small smile on his face.


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