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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Oliver glared hard at Ra's as Connor was pulled roughly from his arms, and Oliver was rechained to the chair. "Let him go." Oliver said firmly as Connor whimpered slightly in Ra's' grasp. "Just in case this doesn't go to plan, he's your incentive." Ra's said, holding Connor firmly in place.

"What plan!?" Oliver asked. Pulling against the chains again. Ra's didn't say anything as he motioned for a guard to take Connor. Connor struggled slightly but was dragged away by the guard. Oliver could only watch helplessly.

Ra's watched Connor go before turning back to Oliver. "You are to be my heir." he said simply. Olivers mouth dropped open. Of all the things Ra's could have said, that wasn't what he was expecting. "W-what?" he asked finally.

"You will be Heir to the demon." Ra's said, looking at Oliver. "And you will take over as the new Ra's Al Ghul."


Felicity had calmed down sometime in the night and had fallen asleep. For which Diggle was incredibly grateful. Not that he wouldn't have stayed with her all night, but because he knew she needed the sleep as much as he did. It had been a long day.

He lay her back on the bed and tucked her in. Gently brushing hair from her tear stained face. He lay down on the couch with a hevay sigh. Closing his eyes and letting sleep claim him.


Roy and Thea woke the next morning tangled in each other. They both awkwardly pulled away, not sure how their relationship stood at this point. But they had both been cold and tired last night, so snuggling was necessary. "We should go find Diggle and Felicity." Roy finally said. Brekaing the tense silence.

Thea nodded, sitting up and running a hand through her short hair. "Yeah." Roy sat up as well, grabbing his bow from where he had stashed it next to him. "Olivers the Arrow." Thea stated, looking over at him. Roy hesitated before nodding. "Yeah. He is." Thea nodded slowly, clearly trying to process this information.

"Did he kill mom?" She asked, her eyes full of tears. Roy hesitated again before nodding. "Yes. But he wasn't in control. He didn't mean to Thea. And he regrets it." Thea shook her head again and stood. "Doesn't matter. We should go." Roy sighed before standing as well.

"Dig said to meet them at the nearest motel." Roy said. Thea nodded. "Okay. Lets go."


Diggle was jolted awake by a knock at the door. He grabbed his gun and quickly crept to the door, wanting to make sure it wasn't any stray league members or any other sicos. He didn't think master assassins would knock on the door, but you couldn't be to careful.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw a tired, but unharmed, Thea and Roy. He opened the door quickly and let them in. "Are you guys okay?" He asked quickly, looking them over. "We're fine. You?" Roy said. Thea walked silently in and sat on the couch.

"We're fine too." Diggle said. Glancing at Thea before looking back at Roy. "Did you see what happened? Did Oliver..." Roy nodded. "Yeah. They took him."


Ra's watched Olivers reactions closely as he folded his hands behind his back. "Why would i do that?" Oliver asked him finally after getting over his initial shock. "Because you are worthy." Ra's said simply. Oliver shook his head. "No." he siad firmly.

Ra's smiled slightly. "You say that now. But i assure you that will not be the case later. You will become the demon head. Or everyone you love will die." Ra's didn't want to kill anyone as much as he knew Oliver didn't. So he was certain he would come around eventually.

"I have been in your position Oliver." Ra's found himself saying. "I had a wife. Children. A son. But i was forced to see reason. As you will. Come time. For now," He motioned for two guards who stepped forward and unchaind Oliver from the chair. "You are free to roam around." Oliver looked at him skeptically, but stood up slowly, rubbing his wrists where the chains had been starting to hurt his skin.

"Obviously you are not to leave." Ra's added. "But you are also free to go wherever you wish inside the compound." Ra's motioned again and Nyssa stepped foreward. "Nyssa will be your personal guard." He said. Looking from Nyssa to Oliver. "She will show you to your room." and with that. He turned and walked from the room. His cloak billowing around him.


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