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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Follow me." Nyssas crisp voice said as she turned without another word and walked from the room. Oliver hesitated before following her quickly. She lead him down several hallways before stopping outside a room. Oliver glanced at her before stepping inside the lavishly decorated bedroom. He looked around for a few minutes before turning to look at her. "I want to see my son." he said firmly. Testing the 'go anywhere you want' rule.

"Impossible." Nyssa said quickly, to Olivers annoyance, but he had expected it. "Of course it is." Oliver mumbled. He shook his head as he looked out the window at the view of a snowy mountain before looking back at her. "How could you willingly follow a monster like that?" he asked point blank.

"That monster is my father." She said. Steeping into the room. Oliver swallowed hard. That explained a little. "And you will be wise to not disrespect him in his house." she continued. Hardening her glare at him. They stayed that way for several seconds before she took a small step back. "I will collect you for dinner later this evening. For now, you will stay here." and with that, she turned on her heel and walked from the room. Shutting and locking the door behind her.


"We need to call Ray." All heads turned to Felicity. It was the first words she had spoken in over an hour. "Or Barry." she added. Roy nodded along with her words. That seemed sensible. They needed all the help they could get. "I'll do it." Diggle proclaimed. Standing and taking his phone to the far corner of the room.

Roy watched Felicity with concern. She sat silently on the bed. Staring at nothing as she rubbed her belly. Roy sighed softly as he looked over at Diggle, who was nodding. Roy hoped that was a good sign.

Diggle hung up and walked back over to the group. "Ray's on his way. Barry can't get out of Central City though. The reverse Flash showed up again. But Sara's coming with Ray." Diggle said. Felicity nodded at the news. Falling back into silence.


When Oliver was fetched for Dinner. He was slightly surprised that he was instructed to wear a robe like outfit. Similar to Ra's'. He reluctantly changed into it and followed Nyssa from his room to the dinner table. He was shoved into one of the chairs across from Ra's at the other end. Nyssa and another women sat in between them on either side of the long table.

There was a semi awkward silence before Ra's spoke. "You have already met my daughter Nyssa." he said. Extending a hand toward her. "But you have not met my other daughter, Talia." with that he extended a hand to the other woman. She nodded politely to Oliver, and he nodded back.

If he didn't have eyes only for Felicity, he would regard her beautiful. He would regard them both beautiful.

After Ra's introduced everyone. The food was brought to the table and they all ate in silence.


Ray arrived a few hours later and was quickly let into the motel room. He looked at everyone before immediately going over to Felicity. She threw her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder. He was slightly taken aback by this. But he had promised years ago to be there if she needed him. And they had grown to call each other friends.

So he let her cry. Gently rubbing her back. Her belly pressing into his side as a painful reminder of what was at stake here.

It was a few seconds later that Sara Lance, the Black Canary, walked in after him. Ray looked up at her helplessly and she immediately understood and came to his side. She sat behind Felicity and wrapped her arms around the sobbing Blonde. They stayed that way for several minutes before her sobs finally stopped and she fell asleep in their arms.

Ray gently moved her to lay on the bed and brushed a stray hair from her face before standing with Sara and walking back over to the group. "Whats the plan?" Sara asked quickly. Ray stayed close to her side.

"We don't have one." Diggle admitted. "Great. I love improvising." Ray said with the cocky grin he was infamous for.


"Felicity Smoak?" A male voice jolted Felicity out of her daydreams as she looked up from her desk at the Tech Village store she now worked in. "Yes?" she responded. Pushing her glasses up her nose. "Hi." the man said with a small grin as he waved slightly. "I'm Ray Palmer." he continued. "I was wondering if you could help me?"

Felicity nodded with a small smile. "That's my job." she replied. He smirked. Staring at her slightly. "Um... What do you need help with?" she finally asked. When it was clear he wasn't going to speak anytime soon. "Oh. Right. Sorry." he said quickly. Shaking his head. "I need help finding a good WiFi router. My old one is just to slow for how many things I need to connect." he explained.

Felicity nodded and led him through the store to where the rack of WiFi routers were housed. They spent a few minutes talking about what he needed before he finally purchased one.

"Thanks." he said as he took the bag from her and flashed her a cheesy grin Felicity found both enduring and slightly odd. And she was sure it would have made Oliver do that thing where he gets jealous.

She was going to have to talk to him about that. It wasn't like she could stop men from hitting on her. No one knew they were married. She cut her thoughts short as she heard Ray say, "Maybe I'll see you again sometime?" Felicity found herself nodding and smiling at his words. And oddly enough, she wanted to see him again.

Make no mistake. She was Olivers. And Oliver was hers. But Ray had the makings of a good verbal sparring partner. Someone who, no offense to Oliver, knew the difference between a circuit board and a usb drive.


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