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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Ray Palmer. Aka, Olivers worst nightmare. He knew Felicity had a point. She was technically fair game because of their little marriage secret. But that didn't stop Olivers blood from boiling at the very mention of Rays name. And did Felicity ever mention him often.

It was always, 'Ray Palmer came into the store for this.' or 'Ray Palmer is offering my a job here.' Needless to say, Oliver was sick of it. But he knew that he couldn't control everything in her life. That definitely wouldn't go over well. But as long as Ray made her happy, why make her unhappy? Besides. Felicity made it very clear that her and Ray were just friends.

Oliver still didn't like it.


After they explained the situation to Ray and Sara. They all sat around and tried to determine there best bet for a plan. Roy and Thea were anxious to just break in quickly and get out. But Diggle and Sara advised caution. It wouldn't do anyone any good to get captured as well.

Felicity was furiously typing away on her laptop, searching for any information on the league.


Malcolm wasn't sure how long he had been chained here before Ra's walked into the room. They regarded each other in silence before Ra's spoke. "I should have known you'd betray me. It was only a matter of time." Malcolm decided to remain silent. Anything he could say would just get him in deeper trouble.

"Nothing to say? That's not like you." Ra's said with a small smile. Malcolm again stayed silent. He didn't have the will, or the energy at this point. "Very well." Ra's finally said as he turned to go. "Maybe your daughter will be more talkative."

Malcolm pulled against the chains at the mention of Thea. "Don't touch her." he growled. "Funny. That's just what Oliver said." Ra's said with a small smile as he turned back to Malcolm. "I'd get used to this cell. Because you'll never see the outside of it." with that, he turned and left the room.


"No. No way. There is no way I'm helping you make a suit to fight crime!" Felicity yelled at Ray. He had just finished explaining to her his plans of making the A.T.O.M. suit. "But Felicity! Think of all the people i could help!" he argued. He had convinced her (without much struggle) to come work for him at Palmer Tech a few months ago. And she had just recently learned of his plans of becoming 'the next Arrow.'

"What do you think the Arrow does!?" she asked. Desperately trying to talk him down from his insane idea. It was stressful enough worrying constantly about her husband, aka the Arrow, without the added stress of one of her friends doing more or less the same thing.

"Even the Arrow needs help sometimes." Ray argued. "It'd be cool! Like a team up or something!" Felicity shook her head, running a hand on top of her hair that was currently pulled back in its signature pony tail. "You've never had any experience fighting anything!" she pointed out. "I bet even the Arrow spent years somewhere learning his skills."

"I won't need skills! I'll have my suit!" he said with a grin before taking her hands in his. "Come on Licity. Please?" he begged, using his best puppy dog eyes. Felicity sighed heavily and pulled her hands away. Nodding. "Okay. Fine." "Yay!" he said. Grinning like a kid at Christmas.


"He's the Arrow!?" Ray yelped, looking fearfully from Felicity to an unmasked Oliver, still in the Arrow outfit. Felicity nodded, Oliver just glared. Ray gulped before rubbing the back of his neck. "That's... Really cool." he managed to say. Why was his voice an octave higher than normal?

It was supposed to be simple. But then Felicity messed up her comms. The Arrow was going to raid a warehouse that housed the last samples of Mirakuru. The only problem? So was the A.T.O.M. Up until then, Felicity had done a magnificent job keeping her two 'night jobs' a secret from both of them. But eventually even she had to slip up.

"Look... I can explain...." she started. Biting her lip.


"Hi." Ray said. Waving slightly as he looked around at the other costumed heroes. The Arrow aka Oliver Queen. The Flash aka Barry Allen. And The Black Canary aka Sara Lance. Oliver just glared at him fron inside the hood. Barry waved back with a small smile. And Sara just looked at him. Her expression neutral.

They were all teaming up, to Rays great joy, to fight some hyped up on Mirakuru soldiers that had somehow gotten their hands on the drug. It was going to be a crazy night. But hopefully a fun one.


Nyssa was walking down tha hall when she was summoned to her father. She was brought before him and quickly bowed respectfully. He inclined his head in response. "What is thy will father?" she asked. Keeping her head lowered.

"I want you to kill this man." Ra's said. Waving a hand, he signaled for two guards to bring forth a man. A black bag over his face. Nyssa drew her sword. She wasn't shy to killing people. If her father decreed it, it was done. But this time was different. As the bag was pulled from the mans head, it was revealed that it wasnt a man. But a boy. About 5.

Nyssas grip loosened on her sword and she looked up at her father in surprise. "A child?" he simply nodded. Offering no explanation. It was then Nyssa realized this was a test. The only question? Would she pass... or fail?


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