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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Sara regarded Ray with surprise as he walked into her apartment. "Um... What are you doing here?" she asked. Her blonde hair loose around her shoulders as she turned and watched Ray enter, looking around her modest apartment.

"You know what i'd like to invest in?" He asked her. His eyes looking around her living room. "A doorbell maybe?" She asked sarcastically. He either ignored or didn't hear her comment as he continued. "A partner." he said. His eyes settling on hers.

She raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms across her chest. "A partner?" she repeated. He nodded. "Yeah. What do you say? The Atom and the Canary. Partners in crime?" he asked hopefully, Sara regarded him with the blank stare she was infamous for before slowly nodding. "Sure. It might be fun."

Ray grinned. "Yay! Thank you!" he flashed her a cheesy grin before coming over and quickly kissing her cheek and walking toward the door in one swift motion. Saras mouth dropped open slightly before she quickly closed it and turned to watch him leave.


Sara had been working for Ray for a little over a month. They were constantly either in his lab as they worked on improving his suit, (And also developing new tech for her 'canary cry.') or actually out fighting crime. And they seemed to make a pretty good team. And had gotten pretty close.

Thats why Sara felt like her heart stopped when she turned on her t.v. the new headline read: Palmer Tech top floor exploded in lab accident. Ray was there. She was sure of it. She had been going to meet him to work on his suit later that day. She quickly grabbed her leather jacket and sped through the city on her motorcycle to Palmer Tech. She slipped past the police and fire department and quickly ran to the still on fire upper level.

"Ray!" Sara could hear her heart pounding as she made her way through the debris of the exploded top level of Palmer Tech. "Ray!?" she called again. She was about to up hope when she heard a soft groan. "Ray." she gasped as she ducked and ran over to his side. She saw the remains of his Atom suit on the ground next to him as she knelt by his side and pulled his head into her lap.

She placed one hand on his stomach where a gash was slowly oozing blood. "F-fancy meeting you here." he said with a small smile up at her before coughing, blood coming from his mouth. "Shh. Don't talk." Sara instructed gently. She heard the sound of ambulances in the distance. "Just hold on okay?" she asked with a small smile. Looking down at him in her arms. Her eyes teary.

He nodded. "Yes Ma'am." she smiled slightly. "I told you to stop calling me that." He smiled back up at her. Coughing up blood. "Yes Ma'am." he said again with a smirk. Sara smiled back, taking his hand.


"The food here sucks." Ray said with a smirk, pushing the tray of food away from him. He was laying in the recovery room of the hospital. Recovering from the accident in the lab. "Well suck it up. You need to eat." Sara said with a small smile.

Ray sighed dramatically before rolling his eyes. "Yes Ma'am." he said before pulling the food back. Sara chuckled and shook her head. She couldn't break him from the habit. And truthfully. She kinda liked it.

"How's Mr. Atom?" Felicity asked with her usual bubbly smile as she walked into the room. "Hey Licity." Ray said with a smile. Sara smiled at the newcomer aswell as Felicity walked in and handed Ray some flowers. "Get well." she said with a smile as she sqeezed his hand gently before going over to Sara.

They shared a hug before falling into a comfortable silence.


"No! I'm not leaving her!" Ray yelled at Oliver. It was supposed to be simple. In and out. But it had been a trap. And they walked right into it. And now Sara was on the other side of a locked steel door. With a bullet wound in her shoulder. "Ray. We don't have any time!" Oliver argued. And he was right. They didn't. But that didn't change anything for Ray. "No. You go. I'm not leaving her."

"Ray. Go." Saras voice said through the door. Ray walked up to it and looked at it. As if he could somehow use Xray vision to see her on the other side. "There's no time to try and get this open." She continued. "I'll be fine. Just go."

Ray sighed heavily before nodding. "Okay." Oliver nodded and grabbed Rays hand and pulled him from the door.

After their mission was completed. They got Sara out. She was slightly drained due to blood loss. But quickly recovered. Ray took her home that night. Feeling guilty as he was slightly responsible for her getting trapped.

"Listen... I-" He started but was cut off by her lips pressed firmly to his. He stood in shock before she pulled away. "That's for saving me." She said. Looking into his eyes. "And this..." she wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him again, he kissed her back this time before she pulled away. "Is for everything else." She said before turning and walking inside her apartment. Leaving him in the hall.

"Wow." Ray said softly. A love sick smile on his face.


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