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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Why!? Why did you betray us!?" Talia yelled at Nyssa. "He was a monster, sister!" Nyssa argued back as thier swords clanged against each other's. "Please. Just put down your sword. Oliver will help you." Nyssa pleaded. "No!" Talia yelled. Fury in her eyes.


"Oliver what do we do?" Rays pleading voice made Oliver snap out of whatever thoughts were running through his head. He met Rays eyes and took in the tears streaming down his face. "Oliver please. What do we do? Tell me what to do. She's dying. Please." Ray pleaded. His voice breaking as he held Saras limp body to his chest.

Oliver just shook his head, looking down. Causing Ray to choke back a sob as he held Sara closer. Tears freely flowing from his eyes and hitting Saras pale face.

"Roy. Hey. Stay with me." Thea said soflty. Looking into Roys eyes. Malcolm was next to her, looking over Roys body with a grim expression. "You're so... Beautiful..." Roy said softly. Thea half laughed and half cried as she nodded. "Thanks. Just stay awake okay? Everything's gonna be okay."

She looked up at Malcolm for confirmation on her words and was met with a small shake of his head. Thea stared at him for several seconds. Coming to terms with the fact that Roy was going to die in her arms before she looked back at him. "I love you. Always have." "I know." Roy said soflty. "Take care of Oliver. Okay?" Thea nodded. Not having the words to speak as her tears dripped onto his chest. And he slowly stopped breathing.


"Talia please." Nyssa begged. She had disarmed her sister of her sword and now had both of them positioned at Tailas neck. "Don't make me do this." She begged.

"Why? Are you weak sister? Have you gone soft? Kill me. Let me join our father in eternity." Nyssa bit her lip, looking down at her sister. She shook her head and dropped both of the swords to the ground. "No. I'm not killing you sister. I won't be like him." Nyssa said firmly before kicking her sisters temple with her boot. Knocking her out.

She then turned to everyone else. Taking in the dead quickly before looking at Oliver. "I can save them."


Felicity hadn't let go of Connor who had stopped crying some time ago. She had to reassure herself that he was safe. That he was going to be okay. She couldn't get a hold of Oliver or anyone else though. And that terrified her.

Barry had apologized multiple times, but he had to get back to central city. He had developed a pretty formidable rouges gallery that was currently terrorizing his city. So she couldn't blame him.

So she just sat there with Connor. Looking over at Diggle who was clearly worried as well.


"Do it." Oliver said immediately. "Oliver wait." Malcolm said, looking at Oliver before looking at Nyssa. "The pit?" he questioned. She nodded once, causing Oliver to frown slightly.

"Do it." Ray chimed in. Looking up at Nyssa with bloodshot and puffy from tears eyes. "Carry her this way." she instructed. Ray nodded and picked Sara up in his arms bridal style. Her arm falling limp away from his body as he carried her to a greenish jacuzzi hot tub thing.

Oliver watched with concern, sitting next to Thea who was watching anxiously. "Put her on this." Nyssa said, lowering a platform from the ceiling attached to a rope. Ray nodded and gently lay Sara down. His body slightly shaky from crying.

Nyssa immediately started to lower Saras body into the murky liquid. She had seen her father do this many times.

Ray watched anxiously as he waited for anything to happen. Suddenly Saras eyes snapped open and she gasped for air, jumping from the pit and into the air, tackling Ray and pinning him to the ground.

Oliver immediately jumped up to assist Ray before Nyssa held up a hand and Malcom grabbed his arm. He watched as Saras face went from 'I'm going to kill you.' to realization as her hand dropped from Rays neck. "Ray?"

Ray nodded, new tears falling from his eyes as he pulled her into a hug she quickly returned. "I love you." They both said at the same time. Oliver whole body relaxed as he turned to Thea and quickly helped her carry Roy over to Nyssa.

This time they stood far enough away so when he jumped out he had no one to attack befire he came to his senses. Everyone embraced everyone, even Malcolm, relieved to be alive. And Oliver was just glad hia family was okay.

"Thank you." He said to Nyssa. She inclined her head to him. "You are welcome. I only ask that I can come with you. I want to leave this place." Oliver nodded. "Or course."

Malcolm walked over to Ra's' dead body and knelt next to it. He quickly took his hand and pulled off a golden ring shaped like a claw. The ring that showed you were a leader of the League of Shadows. He smiled as he slipped it into his pocket.


Oliver walked down the hall away from the group. His thoughts lingering on what Ra's said. And in someways it was true. Every time he went out as the Arrow, Felicity and his children were in more danger.

He shook his head. That didn't matter now. He walked into the communications room and flipped a few dials, calling Felicity. He needed to tell her everything was okay. And he needed to hear her voice.

He waited for a few seconds before she answered. "Hello?" Oliver frowned slightly. Her voice sounded shaky. Like she was afraid. "Felicity? It's me. It's Oliver. I'm alright. We're all alright."

He saw everyone else enter the room, Ray going over to him and listening through the phone after he saw Olivers concerned look. "Thats good." She said. Emotionless but still shaky. Olivers eyes widened in realization. Someone was with her. "Felicity. If someones there-" He was cut off by a slight scream of shock from her before the voice from the phone changed.

"Hello kid." Oliver went pale and felt weak in the knees as his face hardened into a glare. "Let them go Slade."


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