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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Oliver walked into the motel room alone. His eyes adjusting to the darkness before he looked at Slade. "I'm here. Let them go."

Slade smiled and gestured with his hand, Felcity walking out of the shadows. Oliver looked at her, an apology in his eyes. "Did he hurt you?" She shook her head. "No."

Oliver then looked back at Slade. "You have me. Leave everyone else out of this." He said firmly. Slade chuckled and shoved Felicity forward, then pulled Diggle, who was holding Connor, out by the arm. "Oh they're in it. They'll always be in it if you're to lead this life. They'll always be in your way. But that doesn't matter. You'll be dead in a few mintues anyway."


"You're to come alone to the motel room your pretty little bride is staying in with her friends." Slades voice said over the phone. Olivers eyes hardening into a glare and Ray tensed up as he listened. "Or I'll kill them to get to you."

A click sounded as Slade hung the phone up. Oliver growled in anger and threw the phone in his hands into the wall. It broke with a satisfying smashing sound as he ran a hand through his hair and paced.

"Ollie..." Thea started to say before Oliver held up a hand. Silencing her immediately. Her mouth snapped shut and everyone stayed silent as they watched Oliver. Waiting for his direction.

Oliver took a deep breath before turning to look at everyone. "I have to save them." "We know." Thea said, nodding. "And we're going to help."


"No I won't." Oliver said firmly. Slade was in the processes of rolling his eyes when he felt a gun pressed the back of his head. "You might be though." the voice of Malcolm said as he pressed the gun barrel a little harder to his head.

Oliver held Felicity close and took Connor from Diggle as he led them outside to Thea, Ray, Nyssa, Roy, and Sara. "He's all yours." Oliver called back to Malcom. Who grinned as he looked at Slade.


Oliver hadn't let Felicity go yet as he sat with her on the plane back to Starling. Malcolm was staying behind in Nanda Parbat and Oliver had let him. They owed him that.

Thea however, was coming home. And Oliver couldn't be more grateful. He had missed his little sister. She was planning on moving back to the Queen mansion which was also exciting.

But Oliver couldn't shake the feeling of dread. And he was realizing more and more that he couldn't keep his family safe while being the Arrow. Maybe he just needed to be Oliver Queen...


A month later

"Oliver." Felicitys hand gripped Olivers arm as she shook him awake. "Wha?" He asked sleepily as he rolled over to look at her. "Baby." She said simply. Causing his eyes to widen and for him to sit up. "Really!?" He asked with a smile. Felicity smiled back and nodded. "Really."

A few hours, and a lot of screaming later, Emma Moria Queen was born. And Oliver couldn't be happier. If one could die from happiness, Oliver would be dead ten times over.

As he held his daughter in his arms for the first time, he was overwhelmed by the feeling of love. Nothing would ever hurt his baby girl. Ever.

She had his eyes. Felicitys ears and nose. Theas lips. And a full head of blonde hair. And she was beautiful. Perfect even. "I'm never letting you go." He said softly. Both to Emma and Felicity. Who was currently asleep on the hospital bed.

Connor was super excited to meet his sister and wanted to hold her right away. And everyone else in Olivers small group of friends turned family passed his daughter around. Smiles and well wishes all around. It was a good day.

But Oliver couldn't do this anymore. Be the Arrow. Not if it put his small family to risk. So he talked to Felicity about it. And they both agreed. It was time to leave Starling.

The 'Arrow Team' was shocked by his discussion, but supportive none the less. Ray agreed to stay with Sara and Thea and Roy to start a 'new team.' And even supplied Oliver and Felicity a nice new car to use to relocate.

"Can I say something crazy?" Oliver asked. Looking over at his wife. Seeing Connor playing with Emma in the back seat out of the corner of his eyes. "Go right ahead Mr. Queen." Felicity said with a smirk. Oliver smiled back at her begore looking forward at the road they were driving down. Seeing a sign for Coast City next to them. "I'm happy."

To be continued...


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