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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Dean!!!" Sam yelled as he bolted upright in his bed. Dean was by his side in an instant. His gentle hands on his brothers shoulders. "Shhh. It's okay Sammy. I'm here. I'm here."

Sam shook as Dean pulled him into a tight hug. "It's okay Sam. You're not going to get picked." Dean said softly as he rubbed his brothers back. "Your name's only in their once. They're not gonna pick you."

Sam sniffed and nodded. Closing his eyes as he held tightly onto Dean. "Will you sing?" he asked soflty. Dean smirked a little and nodded as he started to sing "Hey Jude."

After Sam had fallen back asleep, Dean made his way through their small house. He passed by their father John who was passed out on the couch. Dean sighed and took the bottle of whiskey from his hand and put it away before grabbing his boots.

He laced them quickly and grabbed his jacket as he walked outside. He passed by many other houses. Family's getting ready for the reaping. Old men eating bones they had found in the street. Before he reached the fence surrounding the district.

He looked up and down it for any sign of peacekeepers before crawling through it. He ran quickly to the woods and let out a breath. Relaxing almost immediatly.

He cheked through most of the traps pretty quickly. Satisfied with a rabbit and two squirrels. He was on his way back when he ran into Castiel. His best friend.

"Dean." Castiel smiled immediatly and pulled his friend into a tight hug. Dean was a little surprised by that but hugged him back nonetheless. "Hey Cas."

Castiel was the fourth youngest child in his family. His father had left years ago. And his older brothers were always fighting, leaving him to take care of his younger brothers himself.

As they walked back to the district, Dean gave Castiel the two squirrels he had found, keeping the rabbit for himself and Sam.

"How many times is your name in today?" Castiel asked gently as he looked at Dean. "66." Dean said softly as he looked down. Castiel nodded slowly. "Wow." "Yeah."

They split up after that and Dean headed to trade his rabbit for other nessicary items.

By the time he got home it was close to reaping time. He saw John awake and waiting for him at the door. Causing Dean to straighten and take a deep breath.

"Hello sir." he said as he stopped in front of John. John looked at him with an emotion Dean couldn't place as he moved out of the way so Dean could get past.

Dean quickly went inside and to his and Sam's room. He found Sam trying to tuck in one of Dean's old shirts into his pants. Dean smiled sadly and went over to his brother. "Hey man." he said with a soft smile as he fingered the necklace he had worn since Sam had given it to him all those years ago. "Need help?"

Sam shook his head stubbornly as he tucked his shirt himself. Staying uncharacteristically silent. Dean sighed. Knowing that Sam must really be panicing to be so quiet.

Dean quickly got cleaned as best he could and got changed. Soon he and Sam were in the long line of other children. Separated into boys and girls. Waiting to get their blood drawn.

Dean glanced over and saw one of his best friends Charlie and her friend Jo. He waved and offered a small smile to her before focusing back on the line in front of him.

Sam visibly recoiled at the impending blood that had to be drawn. But Dean almost immediatly calmed him down with a few gentle words.

He saw their father in the crowd of parents and stiffened a little at the sight of him. He saw Bobby next. A funny old man who occasionally gave Dean and Sam some sweets from his shop when he had extra.

Next to Bobby was Ellen. His wife. Dean knew they must be worried about Jo. Last he heard her name was in quite a few times.

Dean kissed Sam's head as they were separated by age into different lines. Giving him a reassuring smile. He glanced over and saw Castiel before focusing on the stage as the reaping began.

After the opening video clip and a few words from the mayor, Effie Trinket walked onto the stage. Dean made a face at her ridiculas outfit and wig and made a 'shoot my now' gesture to Cas who had to hold back a laugh.

Dean found himself starring at Sam as Effie did her opening speech. He could tell Sam was freaking out by the way he kept running a hand through his fairly long hair.

Dean jerked his head up to stage as he heard the name of the girl. Lisa Braeden. Dean bit his lip so hard it started to bleed. He didn't really know her, but she had given him bread one day in the rain...

He shook himself out of his memory as Effie went over to the boys side. Dean took a deep breath. Please not Sam. Please not Sam.

"Sam Winchester."

Dean felt his world crumble. No. No. Not his baby brother. Not his Sammy. He saw Sam slowly start to walk toward the stage, and it wasn't until a peacekeeper grabbed Dean's shoulders that Dean realized he was moving.

"I volunteer!" he yelled before he even realized he had said anything. "I volunteer as trubute!" he said louder as he pushed away from the two men holding him.

He ran up to Sam and pulled his brother into a hug. "It'll be okay Sam. It'll be okay." He said mostly to reasure himself.

he thought he heard Effie commenting on the fact that he volunteered but his focus was on Sam. Suddenly he felt the gloved hands of the peacekeepers pulling him away and Sam's screams filled his ears. "Dean no!"

Dean saw Cas grab Sam and bring him over to John, Bobby and Ellen as he pulled away from the peacekeepers and walked up to the stage with as much confidence as he could muster.

Welcome to the 74th hunger games.

Dean looked over at Lisa then back out at the crowd. His heart thundering in his ears. He saw Sam sobbing with Cas and took a deep breath. He could do this. He could win. For Sammy. For Sammy.


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