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With Season 2 on the horizon for FOX's Gotham, the actors are ramping up excitement by dishing on what their characters are up to. One such similar instance involves lead actor Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon on the show, and the ever-changing fate of his character as he grows into the mentor Bruce Wayne deserves.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he acknowledged the usually dark world inside of Gordon's mind, saying that Gotham "could use a little bit of Gordon smiling every once in a while, which we’re trying to work in."

With the show's previous nods to the Joker and hints at who might take the mantle of the Clown Prince of Crime, McKenzie described a season filled with dark humor -- which could directly relate to the flurry of Joker rumors:

There’s a lot of humor in this season — dark humor mainly — but some lighter stuff. What’s great about breaking free of the procedural style is that when you get into the characterizations, we have great actors who are able to pull off these characters. We get to have fun with it and really embrace the larger than life aspects of Gotham and all of its bizarre citizens, and it’s fun.

Still, we won't see the hopefully-soon-mustachio'd Detective turning into a sideshow clown anytime soon.

He is discouraged. He’s always a good guy ... He’s always a person who is aiming to restore law and order to a town on the verge of complete anarchy. It [has] to do with his absolute need, deep deep need to change things at whatever cost.

Gotham returns to FOX tomorrow, September 22nd.


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