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IT SUCKS!!!. Just kidding, let's get started. Oh by the way this is my first ever review.

Gordon Dilemma.

The show starts where we left off last season with Bruce once again exploring his father's secret room coming upon a locked door that holds the key to everything regarding Bruce's future. We see many old faces once again from last season with Gordon and Bullock being demoted(well Bullock quit), Barbara walking in prison and Cobbelpot taking over as kingpin of Gotham with Selina Kyle by his side. Not a bad way to start off the show right? But it doesn't end here doesn't it? We see Gordon get kicked off the task force and is struggling to comes in terms of it so he goes to see Penguin to ask him for a favor of course(as Gordon loves being a cop). Penguin is more than happy doing the favor but ask for something in return which leads to Gordon initially rejecting the offer at first but then realizes his urge to become a cop again is too great, so he does the favor unwillingly. He goes over to collect the debt from the mob boss but a scuffle happens with Gordon eventually killing the mob boss. He later realizes he was semi-setup realizing Penguin knew the mob boss wouldn't pay him the money willingly. Once Gordon pays off the debt, Penguin, blackmails Commissioner Loeb into reinstating Gordon back into the force with the help of our beloved derange lunatic Victor Zsasz. We just love us some Zsasz..right?

We then shift back to all of a sudden lunatic Barbara Gordon who seems like she gonna play a real big role this season. I honestly have no problem with this decision as her character in the comics is basically non-existent, plus i'm liking her character development from once Gordon sweetheart to a parent killer who wants revenge on Leslie Thompkins for taking her man. We also get to see Jerome again and it seems to be a budding alliance between Jerome and Barbara is in the works here..yikes!.

Poor Babs!
Poor Babs!

Batman Begins?

Bruce story is shown once again trying to get inside that secret door which holds something that holds the key to Bruce's future. Bruce is constantly trying to get inside that door but to no avail until he realizes that blowing it up is the right idea. Alfred really doesn't want Bruce to open that door as he fears Bruce is not ready yet to see what that door has in store for him but Bruce is not having it. So finally Alfred conceives and decides to help build the bomb and finally open the door. Through all the dust and smoke, Bruce's father secret rooms holds nothing other than some letter telling Bruce to become your own man and find your calling in life. WE ALL KNOW WHAT HIS CALLING IS IN LIFE RIGHT? But in all honesty i'm really liking Bruce's character development in Gotham and i'm seeing the shades of Batman in his personality now. It going to be an interesting season for Bruce isn't it?

We see the sudden appearance of a new character named Theo Galavan who is a billionaire who has returned to help the city he calls home. We all know that obviously bull as him and his sudden Tabitha were responsible for breaking out the inmates of Arkham. He obviously gonna be a scumbag as he being played by James Frain, who career is based on playing a scumbag. His role is gonna be big in Gotham as he plans to destroy the city from the inside by letting lunatics run wild. But as for now his character history remains a mystery. Who are you really Theo Galavan and what will you reveal to us faithful viewers of the show?

Tease, Teases, and Teases.

Put your seatbelts on folks because we're gonna be in one heck of a ride on Gotham. We've gotten so many teases of the future already in the first episode. We gonna see Gordon dealing with scum of Gotham again(we all knew he was gonna become a cop again) but this time on a personal level, Bruce rise of becoming the Batman, new faces coming in to make Gotham even more crazier, a double personality from Edward Nigma, and Penguin being the king of Gotham story arc being explored. Gotham is in store of being a fantastic season pleasing old watchers and newcomers alike, maybe even in the process change the hearts of many who despise the show. The question is can you hate Gotham?

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