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I have never seen the Original trilogy in its original unedited glory. Han shot first anyone?

So I'm as anxious and desperate for them as anyone else is. But here are two reasons it will never happen, and two ways it could.

1) George Lucas

No matter how much you hate the prequels, its hard to stay mad at him for long. He did make one of the most beloved trilogy's in the history of film. Not to mention all he did for special effects. But he's one of the two major roadblocks to ever seeing those glorious blu-rays full of non computer generated background characters, Han shooting first, and who can forget the Yub nub song.

George hated the original releases and never wanted them to see the light of day. No matter how much we fans dislike the new edits, he has always stayed firm on that. And there's no reason not to assume that when he made a certain deal with Disney, not releasing the unedited cuts was probably a clause on the contract.

Though perhaps he softened his stance on it before signing the deal with Disney. He does know how much fans want them. So there's always the smallest chance he might finally be ready to let us see them again.

2) 20th Century Fox

They own the rights to release it. Plain and simple. And its not like how they own the X-men or the Fantastic Four, the rights will never go back to anyone. It's there's for ever. But the option is always there for Disney could make a deal with them. Money talks in Hollywood, and I'm sure they could make an agreement if they were both so inclined.

But alas my fellow Star Wars enthusiasts. The near future doesn't seem very hopeful for it happening. What with the new special addition Steelbook blu-rays they're promoting, it would seem odd if they turned around a released the unedited ones when they want people to buy these.

Why hardly any good guys btw!? No Luke!?
Why hardly any good guys btw!? No Luke!?

But stay hopeful. Someday we're bound to finally get them. But sadly and most likely, not for at least another few years.

May the Force be not without you.


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