ByAlan Barker, writer at
...anchises (other than this one) because the other franchises are successful on their own merits. Jurassic World wasn't successful because of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was successful because it was an excellent movie that built on everything that was right with the first movie. Speaking of the MCU, they are successful because they have taken characters we care about, lesser known characters, and characters only the diehard comic book fans knew and made them all likable. Even though none of them have "a strong female lead" they all have strong female characters, and diverse characters who are strong and diverse while woven into the fabric of the story, not just there for diversities sake but actually contributing to the story in meaningful ways. And the Fast and Furious movies are successful because they have drawn in a core audience and evolved as the characters did. They never got away from their roots but they did move past being movies about racing cars into movies about teamwork and something bigger than the main characters. They also blew the doors off of the whole diversity thing without calling attention to it. All 3 of those franchises are successful independent of each other. People love those movies for what they are, not because it is an era of successful franchises. Anticipated movies flop all the time. But that doesn't take the momentum away from the blockbusters that rake in hundreds of millions (and occasionally into the billion dollar territory). As much as I want to see Star Wars E. VII be a huge hit, it will only hurt Disney if it doesn't hit.

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