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Whats up guys its me, its me, its the A-L-E-Double X with Episode 5 of "Worth It?", and today I'll give you my thoughts on the upcoming film " Hotel Transylvania 2" and I'll ask you the question and you give me the answer on weather or not the movie will be worth it. So Adam Sandler returns as playing Dracula and if you haven't seen the first movie, then you won't get the story that much.

In the first movie Dracula's daughter, played by Selena Gomez, wanted to visit the real world and Dracula didn't wanted that, and cause of that a real human managed to find Hotel Transylvania where it is basically a hotel where monsters hang out, and honestly I had lots of fun watching that movie and I gave it a solid 7/10 tuly one of Sandler's better films in the 2010s.

So the plot here, the characters of Selena Gomez and Andy Samberg have a baby who is half baby and half human, but therefore Adam Sandler's character isn't ready for them to leave because he still sees his daughter as his baby girl and he wants to prove to them that the baby is full Vampire and not human. I saw the teaser which was okay, but the trailer made the movie feel that the movie will be good.

This can seriously help Adam Sandler, after being in crappy movies like Pixels, Grown Ups, and Jack & Jill, this movie can seriously help him because if you look at Sandler's work, it looks like it is only filled for kids, why else should Adam Sandler be in the movie business he isn't as awesome as he was when he did Billy Madison, Happy Gillmore, and others back in the '90's.

What I'm seriously trying to say is that this movie will be WORTH IT! Kinda odd I would say that about an Adam Sandler movie today. Okay, so what do you people think about this movie, watch the trailer, vote yes or no if the movie will be worth it for you, check out my YouTube Channel if you haven't already, the link is right here, if you like Wrestling, Movies,Me Singing, check it out ( and Once again, me, me, The A-L-E-Double X and Until Then, I'm Out!

Worth It?


Worth It?


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