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My name is Austen Approved and I got some recommendations and reviews for you! Have you ever wanted a reviewer to just give you some quick recommendations for some movies to watch, but all they do is do are single reviews for movies that are in theaters? Well in my new segment, Austen Approved Quick Reviews, I do a quick review for the 5 most recent movies that I have seen, and I tell you what I thought of them and where I watched it (Netflix, Amazon, HBO, The Theater etc) If these helped you find something good to watch, please let me know so I can write more of these. Ok enough talking let's go down my list of the most 5 most recent movies that I have seen!

All Movies will be rated through my Austen Approve O' Meter found here

Starting with:

#1 (Most recent movie watched) Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

I found this movie through Netflix and it stars Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk from Firefly. The movie follows these two redneck buddies who go out to their vacation cabin in the woods. A group of college kids come out to the same mountain and when they run into our main two redneck characters, chaos ensues. What is hilarious about this movie is that throughout the movie, these college kids think that the lovable main characters are actually serial killers out to get them. Also this movie is almost a spoof on horror movies which is fun, but most importantly against all odds, this movie has some awesome laughs and some awesome heart to it.

This movie gets a 4 on my chart.

#2 Black Mass

Ok I said I would try to stay away from movies currently in theaters, so I will keep this short. Yes I heard that this movie is not the most accurate to the real life events, but I only care about the movie itself. The movie was definitely satisfying, and a great movie for gangster film fans. The movie was a great welcome back performance for Johnny Depp, and there were many people, not just Johnny D, that brought their A game. Was it perfect? No, but it was a great watch and I am glad to see Johnny Depp back in the saddle.

My rating for Black Mass

#3 Zombieland:

Another horror comedy, this movie I picked up at my college library. This movie is not only hilarious, but is actually well directed and well acted by the talented cast. Also, it has a cameo by Bill Murray so yeah now you have to watch it!

#4 Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.

(Seen on Netflix) Based off the two recurring characters in Kevin Smith's movie universe, I did not know how exactly this movie would pan out. These guys were funny as hell in his other movies in the small parts they were in, but an entire movie about these foul mouthed pot smoking A holes? It turned out pretty much like I thought, which was a pretty dumb movie. But It took me till the quarter mark in the movie before realizing that this movie was dumb only because it was about Jay and Silent Bob and they purposely made it that way. Yes it was not the most intelligent, but it was funny as hell at many points, it was as good a movie that anything would be featuring this idiots, and at many points this movie was even clever.

#4 Her

(Seen on HBO) Her is directed by Spike Jonze, who is no stranger to weird and whacky films. This movie is about a man who loses his wife, and so befriends his computer (Voiced by Scarlet Johansson) In a future where computers can develop personalities and can talk with humans. This movie is heartwarming, funny and very weird. But in an age of crappy reboots and Transformers movies, isn't it ok for a movie to be a bit different and out of the box?

I hope this article was helpful, if it was please let me know so I can make more of these. And If you want, I have a Youtube channel where I make reviews and Top Ten lists, and that can be found on Youtube and Facebook at Austen Approved.

Thanks for reading!


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