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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 3 is returning next week. So far the ABC show has set up the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D, introduced the Inhumans, and is about to set up the Secret Warriors. What is left for them to do next?

As is almost always the case when it comes to answering this question in regards to Marvel, the answer is: a lot! There are still so many characters and story lines that can get introduced into the MCU. It’s just a matter of which ones we will actually get to see.

Of course, some of those characters and story lines will be saved for the big screen, but some of them will (hopefully) be introduced on the show. In fact, I have a feeling we might see some Marvel bombs dropped on the small screen. Which ones might we see? I have a few guesses. Here are 5 Marvel bombs we might see on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Secret War

One thing I have learned to do when it comes to this show is to lower my expectations. I’m not expecting a whole bunch of superheroes to come together to battle the new dictator of Dr. Doom’s home country. What I’m hoping for is simply Skye’s secret warriors (perhaps still led by Nick Fury in some way) performing un-government-sanctioned missions in a foreign country that leads to a big conflict.

Lucia Von Bardas could still be a part of this (at least I think she can), we just won’t get Latveria or any mention of Doom. We could still see a big showdown between Von Bardas and a super powered team on American soil, it just won’t be a high profile super powered team.

The Death of Captain America

Ok, settle down. I know there is no way we see something this big on the show rather than in the movies. What I’m talking about here is the aftermath. How does America and its government cope with the loss of the iconic hero? That sounds like a story line you can build a season around to me.

Guest appearances from Emily VanCamp could give this the right amount of punch, without expecting Robert Downey Jr. to appear on the show. Whether this happens the same way it does in the comics, or if it happens at all, is yet to be seen. But if it does, this seems like a no-brainer.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has already introduced the Inhumans and one of their home civilizations, why not bring another key group into the MCU? Atlantis and its indigenous people could play a huge role in the future, with one in particular playing a huge part. Of course I’m talking about the king of Atlantis, Namor.

I know there may be some rights issues here, but will it really be that hard to get the rights back for Namor? He could quickly become a fan favorite on the big screen, and introducing his kingdom and his people on the small screen seems like a good way to get people to come to terms with the whole “yes... it’s THAT Atlantis” thing. Speaking of major characters that could debut here...

Black Bolt

We know the movie is coming. We know his people have been introduced, and are set to play a bigger role in the next season. What we don’t know is when we will finally see the king of the Inhumans.

I, like a lot of others, have been waiting impatiently and hoping that each episode would be the one to grant us our first glimpse of the sonic sultan. I guess I haven’t completely learned to lower my expectations just yet, because I’m still holding out hope. Black Bolt will obviously be introduced eventually for the Inhumans movie. And doesn’t he have some sort of relationship with Namor? Oh that’s right... my final point...


Again, I’m not looking for too much here. Maybe just a mention of this group’s existence. There have been rumors of this group potentially coming together in the MCU, and why not? It’s a great concept and one that would ring a great group of characters to the movies.

Of course, this will not be the same group we saw in the comics. Reed Richards and Charles Xavier won’t be there unless something big happens. So how do you replace them? Well Black Panther was initially invited to become a member of this group before deciding that its formation was too dangerous. He could slide in there in place of Reed. And you could put any other major character in place of Charles, or choose to shrink the team a bit by not replacing him at all. Either way, I think this team would be awesome to see in the MCU.


What would you like to see on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?


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