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Could Christina Ricci be bringing the Addams Family back to life? This photo of her as Morticia Addams has me begging for it to be true!

Ok this is the remake I didn't know I needed until I saw this photo. As a child, Christina Ricci bought Wednesday Addams to the big screen and she was absolutely perfect! Could it be true that Christina will be joining America's most loved creepy kooky family once again, but this time as the woman in charge, Morticia Addams? Check out the photo below that sent the internet into a frenzy over raising The Addams Family films from the dead!

Unfortunately this photo isn't real, but instead photo-shopped and posted on Tumblr by Mystical Enchantment. There is currently no Addams family reboot in the works, and the photo is actually based off an original of Anjelica Huston as Morticia from the 90's Addams Family films also starring Christina Ricci.

However, the perfection that is this photo-shopped photo has us thinking that it may be just the right time to continue The Addams Family movies, and Christina Ricci absolutely MUST play Morticia Addams, no one else could do the role justice!

Who would you dream-cast for the rest of the Addams Family members? John Leguizamo as Gomez??


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