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Now, I talked about how [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) needed better DLC in my last quickie post and suggested a few story DLC that can make the game replayable and make its season pass not waste of money (Rule of buying video games: Never pre-order or buy season passes), BUT I am now going to talk about a game that hasn't been released yet but you know DLC will be coming for it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a highly LONG AWAITED and LONG OVERDUE game. With the newly announced 2.8 HD Remix aka WE WANT TO TEASE YOU MORE coming to PS4 in 2016, the hype train is only getting bigger. We all know Square Enix will be milking the heck out of it for all its worth like a pimp to a hoe (Yes, I said it). DLC will be coming and I want to suggest several Disney properties that can be DLC. Kingdom Hearts DLC will most likely to Skins, keyblades, powers and maybe..I'm stretching on this one....Worlds? with a plot? So, here are my suggestions for Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC.

1. Avalon from Gargoyles/Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles

Ok, a lot of people will say "Kingdom Hearts is ONLY Disney films" but Scrooge McDuck is in Kingdom Hearts II in his DuckTails attire. Gargoyles is a Disney property that Disney is really too afraid to bring out due to its darker nature, mature subject matter and shakespeare references. For Kingdom Hearts, Team Sora, Team Riku or Team Kiari could travel to Avalon where Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx arrive to protect the new eggs from being infected with Darkness. It would be based Season 3 Episode 21-23. You could Goliath do fusion attacks with Sora for more damage. It would make more sense than having Sora in New York although that would interesting.

2. Valiant/World War II

Not many people remember this film and that's why it is unexpected. I would definitely have the Valiant team be a Summon option where they fly around and drop electric charged feather quills with Big Band Jazz playing in the background. Very 1940s style.

3. Middleton, USA

Yes Kim Possible and This DLC is a Kiari Only World. I think Kiari need to stop playing Damsel in Distress and the only way to learn is to learn from Kim Possible. Think about it..SERIOUS WOMAN POWER from Keyblade Master in Training and the world's most famous teen superspy. Cameos from Dr Drakken, Ron, wade, the twins, and the ultimate showdown with Shego. PLUS WILL FRIEDLE!!!

4. Storybrooke (Once Upon A Time)

I wrote a whole speculation about Kingdom Hearts in Once Upon A Time season five (Go read's kind of good) and even though I was disappointed that Camelot and Brave are themes, I still want a world based in Storybrooke where Sora's gummi ship get sucked into a wormhole and ends up in Storybrooke where everyone (The Princesses, Villains) are all different. Sora would be helping Emma Swan, and Henry recover the memories of the town as a fight villain like Rumplestilkin, Maleficent, and The Snow Queen..Speaking of Maleficent..

5. The Forest Kingdom (Maleficent)

Now, I think we need to see Maleficent Live Action in Kingdom Hearts form. It would serve as a back story/Origin for that universe's version of the mistress of all evil in the same fashion Timeless River was for Disney Castle.


i HAVE NOT SEEN THIS FILM as a whole but if Xehanort was going to have a version of himself, The Horn King is a shoo in. This would be a Riku only story where Riku must finally face his fears of darkness as he must stop the horned king from bringing forth his dead army. Imagine that fight.

7. Phineas and Ferb or Agent P

Phineas and Ferb make all kinds of crazy inventions like intersteller roller coasters, time machines, and whatever..why not use that as an attraction flow summon with super fast loop de loops or Agent P as a Summon taking Stitch's place with blasters and tricks.

8. Disney World/Magic Kingdom

Since they are rumors of Multiplayer, I thought I add blatant product placement here. Magic Kingdom would be a great battle ground for multiplayer games. Each land would be a different game. The servers around the world would be different parks like America would Magic Kingdom, Europe would be Hollywood Studios, Asia is Animal Kingdom, Pacific Islands are Epcot, Africa is Downtown Disney and etc etc.


What do you think will make a great DLC addition?


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