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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

So. Either you, dear reader, are a Destiel hater like me, or are now ready to defend your precious ship to the death. All I ask is to keep an open mind, and hear me out. Still here? Good. Let's begin.

1) Sexism

No matter why you ship Destiel, this is a serious issue about it that bothers me. Whether you realize it or not, you as a shipper are deciding that two men cannot love each other without being in love with one another. And that's sexism. Now i hear you. "But that's not why i ship it! Look at the way they're looking at each other!" To that i show you this:

See how Dean is looking at Sam? With the same love he looks at Cas. And if you're now crying out "Wincest!" Get off my post. Because you disgust me.

2) Jensen

Jensen has said many times (or alluded to) his dislike for Destiel. Yet people still force it on him. And that's not right. He's married, he has a baby girl. How do you think she'll like it when she gets older and sees, frankly repulsive, fanarts and fancitions of her father and another man? Its disrespectful.

3) It's about Sam and Dean

It's a show about two brothers who will do anything for each other. It's always been Sam and Dean. And it always will be. They're brothers and they love each other. It's not a show about Dean and his Angel boyfriend. And that's what it will turn in to if Destiel happens. There would inevitably be a "breakup" and the whole show would just turn into a soap.

4) The Fans

Say Destiel happens. First of all there is no way it would be as good as the fangirls have built it up to be. There would be some disappointment. Second of all, you'd split the Fandom. With many fans, like me, stopping watching. Which would hurt everyone in the long run.

Basically it would be the end of Supernatural, and speaking as an uber fan, I would hate that. Keep Destiel to your fanfics if you must, but keep it away from my show.

Now that I've probably made a lot of you angry, whats your opinion on Destiel? I believe that Dean loves Castiel. And Castiel loves Dean right back. But they're not in love with one another. Food for thought.




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