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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"What the..." Crowley felt his mouth drop open as he entered his throne room to see Castiel holding two tiny children in each arm. "Are they mine?" Crowley asked sarcasticly after he recovered from his slight shock.

"Very funny." Cas said dryly. "I need you to watch them for me. They're driving me crazy and I need to fix them." He continued. Crowley frowned. "What. Are they yours?" he asked. The Angel sighed heavily. "No. They're Sam and Dean." at their names, the two kids, who looked about 2, looked up at Cas with their wide eyes, giant grins on there faces.

"What. Moose and Squirrel? Them?" Crowley asked. Quite confused. "Yes." Cas said, putting both of the squirming children onto the floor. They both promptly started to crawl around. Exploring their new surroundings.

Crolwey sighed heavily. "How long?" he asked finally. Cas looked realeved as he said, "just a few hours. 3 tops." Crowley nodded. He could do this. What was three hours with two two year olds? This would be easy.

Hour one

"Stop it!" Crowley bellowed as Sam reached for some of Crowleys important documents. Sam immediately shrank back at Crowleys loud voice, but Dean finished what his brother started, pulling the papers down from the stack and giggling as they flew around both him and Sam. Crowley sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. This was a bad idea.

"Dee!!!" The crys of Sam filled the room and Crowley turned to look at both of them to see Dean pulling on his brothers hair. "Stop that squirrel." Crowley said firmly. Dean, of course, didn't listen and continued. Crowley sighed again, adopting the 100% done parent look Cas often used. He bent down and pulled Dean away from his crying brother. "No! No!" Dean exclaimed, struggling in Crowleys grip.

Hour two

"Hungey!" Sam said, looking up at Crowley. His big brown eyes pleading. Crowley sighed again and stood. "For what?" he asked the child as he reluctantly picked him up in his arms. "Mac 'nd chee!" Sam exclaimed, clapping his hands together. Crowley rolled his eyes and turned to look at Dean who had been playing with some hexbags. "What about you squirrel?" Dean nodded, his big green eyes meeting Crowleys. "Yes pleased Cwowley." Crowley shook his head. "Its Crowley." he said. Making sure to pronounce the R. Dean shrugged. "Dats what I said. Cwowley." Crowley sighed before snapping his fingers and making the requested food item appear in front of the two children at the table.

Hour three

"sweepy...." Sam mumbled in Cwowleys arms. Crowley didn't say anything as he cotnuied to rock the child, who was on the verg of sleep. Dean had fallen asleep a few minutes ago. With a little help from Crowleys hell hound. Who was now curled around Dean on Crowleys bed, also sleeping.

Sams eye lids finally dropped shut and his breathing slowed. Crowley breathed a sigh of relief and put Sam next to his brother. Dean immediately wrapped his tiny arm around Sam's body and Sam leaned into Dean as well. Both of them slept soundly.

Finally Crowley could get some work done. But he had to admit the kids looked adorable. And the bed looked really comfortable right about now. Oh what the heck? Crowley slowly, as to not wake them, curled up on the bed with them. His soft snores the only sound they all three made. Cas found them some time later. A while after that, Sam and Dean were there old (literally) sleves. And none of them ever mentioned it again.


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