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Preparing for this reboot or sequel or whatever you want to call it, I revisited the first two films of this franchise to refresh myself with the mythos and characters. And since I had only seen the first two once before, it was nice to take a look back to see where it all started. The next two sequels are ones I'm not particularly fond of and this new entry falls straight into that pile as well.

It's apparent that a common practice for sequels and reboots now is to take the simple plot lines from the originals, all of which are usually terrific, and make them infinitely complicated to the point of exhaustion. And that's what this film does - and them some.

It centers around Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) being sent back to 1984 by John Connor (Jason Clarke) so that he may have the chance to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) from being killed by a Terminator. At least, I think. And trust me, my confusion is not from lack of focus or carelessness, it's from the overreaching, absurd lengths this plot goes to try set itself apart from its predecessors. It's just too much.

Exposition flies at you in every possible way, dragging the pace down to almost a complete halt. Not to mention the duplicating rather than homaging of the first films. Locations, setups, dialogue. Instead of making a hint at what had come before, it merely copies it.

Director Alan Taylor, known for "Thor: The Dark World" as well as a long list of topnotch episodes of "Game of Thrones", suffers from the blandness of the script and is unable to elevate it to any great heights. Although there are a few actions sequences that create some excitement, especially the one on the bridge, it's sadly not enough.

One of the reasons I was interested in seeing this film was for Emilia Clarke; she does wonders with her character in "Game of Thrones" and I'm always interested in seeing her play other roles. And she didn't really disappoint me but it was rather Courtney's lack of charisma that made many scenes fall flat. He's a capable action actor who should stay more in supporting roles like the one in "Jack Reacher" rather than as a lead. I think he has the talent, he just needs time to develop.

I wish this film could have been more because the cast and crew are excellent and it has the capacity to be something much greater, but it never rises out of its messy web. It's possible now that it could get a sequel, and if it does my hope is that a stronger script will be written because if that can be accomplished it could be a great new franchise in the coming years.


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