ByAlex Matijow, writer at
...ppened to make this theory work. It's pretty clear that this is the plan. Remember they thought the scepter was 'powered' by the tesseractt in Avengers1. They took that back. Now rewatchin the movies its justt more clear that the people on Earth have NO idea what is really about to happen. They can make this work, like some have suggested- as a secret. Odin knows Heimdall is keeping the gem safe. Loki will find this out. Scarlet witch nightmare sequence added some evidence. Orange eyes and reference to people as 'souls' as well. But the H is not Heimdall. The H is Heimdalls 'H'elm. Not his chestpiece... his headpiece. He was also missing his helmet in the nightmare sequence in Age of Ultron. Remember? Heimdall will slay Loki... But it will be too late. Thanos will take the gem from Heimdall-and release Loki, Malekith, Ronan, Ultron, Red Skull... And my guess is the sixth villain will be Klaw... To form the on screen version of Masters of Evil. Now we just have to be on the lookout for relic starting with the letter N in Black Panther for the final stone. It will be the how Klaw meets his demise. Its going to be in his prosthetic arm. Best guess at this point in time. Or does anyone else have a theory in the final gem?

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