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Chapter Four

Alex raced down the corridors that were full of activity, with agents running in all directions to get to their 'battle stations'.

They were under attack. This had been Loki's plan all along. To separate them. Divide and conquer. Well...not if Alex had anything to do with it. This was not her first ambush. Her first...that had been an eye opener, though in her defense she had told them that a giant wooden horse left outside the gates seemed suspicious.

Alex skidded to a stop outside a familiar door, and immediately punched in the code she had memorized years back. The door instantly opened, and she threw herself inside, allowing herself a brief second to gaze at her warrior's uniform.

Over the years, her armor had been destroyed and reforged, but she never updated it. She didn't care if Stark's Iron Man looked awesome or that technology had advanced so much that she could have a suit of armor exactly like that. Her armor was a connection to her past, a reminder of where she had come from that would take her to wherever she was going.

Moment over, and she immediately began stripping her clothes off, before quickly, but carefully, encasing herself in the leather and metal with an ease that could only come with centuries of practice.

Alex smiled as she found the black powder, smearing her warpaint over her face as she had done centuries upon centuries before, and then she turned serious again. Giving a brief glance to the weapons cabinet that often went misused, she grabbed her sword and a knife, leaving the guns behind. The warrior really only carried those with her for Natasha or Clint, preferring a blade or her powers as her main offensive weapon.

As she rushed back down the hallway, she connected her ear piece back to the main line, and listened to what was going on.

"Somebody's got to get outside and patch that engine." She heard Agent Hill's voice say.

"Stark, you copy that?" Fury asked.

"I'm on it."

"This is Barton, Director. That explosion must have been one of his trick arrows. I'm going after him."

Alex knew it was him. Logically it only could have been him. He was the only one who really knew the layout of the Helicarrier well enough to launch an assault like this. When it had first been built, Alex, Natasha and Clint had gone through all sorts of attack scenarios like this, so they could respond accordingly.

Only there were a few variables that they hadn't prepared for. The Hulk being unleashed was probably the main concern, but Alex knew that Natasha would handle it and that Thor was probably better suited than her to handle the beast.

Alex had a responsibility to deal with Barton.

"Can you handle it? Can you do all that's necessary?"

"I've been doing this since before you were born. Don't question my ability to do what's necessary, Nick Fury."

"You've never been this close to a partner before."

Alex paused before she answered. He was right. She hadn't been as close to any of her other partners. Clint was different. She had feelings for him. She'd admit that at least. She felt something for him, loved him even, but that did not mean she would allow her emotions to cloud her judgement. Alex had learned from her past mistakes.

Love had no place in war.

"He's not Clint. Has anyone got Barton's location?"

"Barton just took out our systems. He's headed for the detention level. Do you copy?"

"Copy that."

With that Alex ran full pelt towards the detention level to take out the enemy.

He's not Clint. Clint was trapped inside his own head and unless Alex could release him, she'd have to end him.

Alex soon found him. He strode along a walkway above Alex with more purpose than she had ever seen in him, heading towards the detention center that held his 'master'.

'We'll see about that,' Alex mused, as she swung herself up onto walkway behind him and began to follow him closely. She became his shadow, but Barton quickly noticed that she had joined him, and turned to take his attacker out with an arrow. As he released the arrow, Alex grabbed the bow and moved it, so she was out of the line of fire.

She pushed the bow down, trying to knock it out of his hands, but Clint elbowed her in the face. Alex let go, moving out of his reach as he tried to strike her. Barton stalked forward, every bit the predator on a hunt, only to be knocked backwards by a roundhouse kick to the chest. Alex swung herself back down underneath the walkway, and moved to the other side, flipping back up with ease and slamming her foot into his knee, forcing him back again.

He fired another arrow in her direction, but missed as Alex used a support pole to vault herself over to the parallel walkway. Barton jumped across, still using his bow as a substitute for a knife. He swiped nothing but air with it a couple of times, until Alex managed to grab hold of the bow's string. He allowed her to pull on it, until he pushed it back into her face sharply twice, before she managed to wrench it from his hands. She spun round with it on her shoulders, and watched as he pulled out a knife.

She dropped the bow down underneath the walkway, so he couldn't get to it, and then moved to attack once more. She kicked up at his hand, but he caught her hand and pulled her body so that the kick would go under his arm. Alex punched him, and Clint released her, and tried to stab her. Alex caught his wrist, twisting his arm in the hope he'd release the knife. He tossed the knife to his other hand, and slashed down, trying to cut her face, but she ducked.

Alex grabbed his hand, and twisted it, but he backed it up with his spare hand, forcing her to do the same. They struggled with the knife, until he started pushing it towards her throat. Alex's eyes widened as the tip of the knife got too close to her neck, before she pushed his hands back a little bit. Seeing that if this carried on, he'd bury the knife in her throat, regardless of her being the strongest, Alex ducked her head down and bit Clint's arm.

Alex used his surprise, to grip his arm tight, spin herself over his shoulder which forced him to double over, and then propelled his body forward. Clint went head first into the metal railing, hitting his head pretty hard. He dropped to the floor, groaning.

Alex stepped towards him, as he slowly moved back onto his knees. Both of them were breathing hard from the fight.

Clint glanced up at his opponent, and recognition lit up his face.

"Alex?" He questioned.

Alex stared down at him, before her fist snapped forward, connected with his jaw and sent him flying backwards.

"Barton's down. I'm taking him to detainment, but I need someone to sit with him, while I help Stark keep this boat from going down. Anybody copy?" Alex said, pressing down on her earpiece with one hand, as she used the other to drag Barton's upper body over her shoulder. Now her other hand was free, she pushed his body into place and began speed-walking to detainment.

"This is Agent Romanoff. I copy." Tasha's voice came into her head. She sounded a little shaky, but Alex dropped it for now. She'd ask questions later.

"I'll strap him down. You sit with him. I'll be back as soon as I can." Alex said, finding a detainment room empty and rubble free. She lowered Clint's body down onto the bed, well chair, and quickly strapped his arms down to it.

Alex permitted herself to look at him for a brief second, before planting a quick kiss on his lips. Then she darted out of the room, and ran towards one of the exits leading outside.

Alex used all her strength to force the door open.

As she manipulated the air molecules around her to hold her in the air, the transformation from human to demi-goddess started; her normally brown locks turned a brilliant green, her blue eyes following suit, and bright, glowing green vines appeared all over her body, a striking contrast to her pale skin. She wasn't just Dr. Alexandra Cosmos after that.

She was Mother Nature.

The daughter of Zeus flew to the front of the ship where she knew Fury would see her.

"Cosmos, what are you doing out there?" Fury demanded.

"Wait and watch, boss man. Wait and watch."

Alex kept herself hovering in the air, holding her hands out in front of her, palms pointing towards the Helicarrier. She was going to create a barrier with the air under the Helicarrier so it couldn't descend any further. Instantly, Alex felt a huge weight pressing down on top of her as she used all her strength to lift the airship above her head.


"Yes, Cosmos?"

"Tell Stark to hurry up with that engine. What altitude are we at?" She asked.

"17860 and falling, though slower than before. Hang in there, Cosmos. That's an order."

"Roger that, boss." Alex managed to say, as she strained under the weight. Her muscles were burning, and her feet were slipping as though she was being pushed back as she held the Helicarrier in place. Every second she held on felt like it had been stretched. Every second felt like ten years.

Alex was beginning to slip. She'd never trained herself to do this. Never held an object this heavy for this long only using her strength and the air to aid her. She was almost spent, and she'd fall to a certain death unless Stark finished soon.

"We're regaining altitude, Cosmos. You can let go now. Come back inside." Hill ordered, as she watched her from the observation window in the command center. She could see she was losing focus, losing grip, that she'd be lost to them if she didn't come inside now.

Alex let go, nodding to herself as she felt tired and drowsy.

"Cosmos, inside. Do not fall unconscious out there. Get inside now!" Hill ordered her, panic starting rise up again. Fury would hate himself if they lost Cosmos. She was the sole surviving founding agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and someone he, himself, looked up to. They couldn't lose her now.

Alex bent the air around her, trying to give herself a bit more oxygen, and flew slowly and unsure towards the exit she came out of. Her vision was tinged with black spots, but with her last ounce of energy and strength, she created a strong wind and threw herself through the exit, blowing the door closed behind her.

And then it all went black.


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