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Hey guys,

So many of you have already - i guess - watched the new Maze runner movie which was released last week with a big buss on how the movie is going to hit the box office and stay for quite some time.

Well, for me, i really really loved it. I don't care what ever people think of it but its totally what i wanted to watch on the big screen.

A lot of big events have happened on this Maze Runner squeal that really tells you that this is the movie that will reveal to you the larger part of the story plots but not the whole thing as they will be saving the best for the end with the Maze Runner final movie 'The Death Cure' which we'll be hopefully watching next year.

Watch the trailer here :

Spoiler Alert...!!

Lets talk about the Flare Virus, a virus that slowly eats away the brain, and eventually turns victims into blood-thirsty and insane humans who consider cannibalism to be an every day objective, in other words it turns people into zombies.

I couldn't bare to look away on the similarities between the Scorch Trails infected people and the infected people from 'The Last of Us' a video game developed by Naughty Dog for Sony's PlayStation.

When i first saw the infected at the beginning of the movie going down the sand dunes to get to the helicopter i remembered the movement of the infected from The Last of Us.

But than i saw the copy of the infected From the Last of Us when Brenda and Thomas went down the sewage to find a way out after they got trapped between the wreckage of rocks from the blast that hit the headquarters of the gang that kept them hostages.

The infected that were in some kind of slumber have blinded in with the walls that are filled with some kind of a bloody creeping plant where they woke up from the attack of one of the infected on an infected rat that showed up and got eaten by the infected.

When the infected show up i literally could see the similarities between them and the infected from The Last of Us.


Do you agree to my view of the Infected ?


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