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Rockstar must find themselves under endlessly-perpetuating pressure with the Grand Theft Auto franchise. How are they going to surpass GTA V? How will they surpass the expectations we'll have for GTA 6? Its release date will assumedly be in the next 5 years, think of the innovations ahead of us!

We know that Rockstar will succeed in impressing the world over, but what's the first thing they make completely concrete? Is it the location? The protagonists? New gameplay features?

For us, the first piece of information we receive is generally the location. We'll hear about the size of the map and the city it'll be based on. But in order to improve on GTA V's map for GTA 6, could we see Rockstar create an entire state for us to wreak havoc in? If so, which US state would you like to see represented in the Grand Theft Auto franchise?

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6 - Which Entire US State Should Feature On Release Date?

Dan Houser made this statement shortly after the release date of GTA V in 2013. He was asked about whether the Grand Theft Auto franchise could ever move to London again or perhaps another international city. But it seems that, for him at least, GTA is America. The lifestyle, the humour, the culture - it's all geared towards the American dream and the reality of living in the country today. Therefore, I think it's safe to assume that having an entire US state is something that Rockstar have considered. But we've already seen representations of New York through GTA IV & GTA 3, snippets of Florida with Vice City, and a lot of California and Nevada with San Andreas and GTA V. Could they expand on what we've seen before? Or go somewhere completely fresh?

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

Washington D.C.

The states of Maryland and Virginia each donated land to form the federal district of Washington D.C. many years ago. Therefore, if it was to be the hub of GTA 6 and we were to receive an entire US state, perhaps we could have the surrounding areas of these two states. The nation's capital would be an intriguing move for Rockstar. With each Grand Theft Auto title, they find an aspect of American life and culture to ridicule. How they handle the mocking of politics and nation-wide decisions would be fascinating!


We all adored Vice City and how it gave us a slice of American life with 1980s Miami. But seeing how the state has developed since then and what sort of lifestyle it is now synonymous with is an endearing prospect for a GTA 6 map. I'd love to see Rockstar revisit a location of the past and there really is no superior option than Vice City. Seeing how this city has changed since the 80s would be a fantastic experience, but I would miss that music!



The thing about GTA is that we need to be next to the sea. If we're going to get a state that's smack in the middle of the country, Rockstar aren't going to want to put up invisible walls, so fictional seas will be created. Hawaii, would give us the natural map design that they love though. We'd have various islands, all of which would be traversable, and then we'd be surrounded by the ocean. But is that enough to make Hawaii a good location for GTA?


We've recently seen that Mafia 3 will be transporting us to the swamps of New Orleans in Louisiana in the 1960s and 70s. But a modern portrait of this area, complete with its vibrant and ecstatic cultural heritage, would be something I'd love to engage with in GTA 6. Any opportunity to come into contact with jazz is also highly welcomed by myself, but what about you guys? Do you think Louisiana would be a good choice for GTA 6?


What Do You Want From the GTA 6 Map?

So what about you lot? Where would you like to see GTA 6 be set on its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC? Maybe your own state? Let us know what you'd prefer in the comments below!


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