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(Warning, the following may contain SPOILERS for the forthcoming second season of Daredevil. If you happen to have Daredevil-style heightened sense of SPOILER-aversion, proceed with care...)

Now, we may have had to wait for almost an entire season to see it, but there's little doubting that Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil featured a pretty darned awesome costume by the end there. Sure, it was a whole lot more functional-looking than the comic book duds we know and love, but there's still something fundamentally great about a superhero suit that's actually immediately recognizable as belonging to the hero in question...

What's more, with the outfit only debuting in the final moments of Daredevil Season 1, it seemed pretty likely that we'd get to see a whole lot more of it in the forthcoming second season of the show. After all, with DD only just having acquired the thing, he wouldn't go and change it right off the bat, would he?

Well, from the looks of things, he actually might just be set to do exactly that. Y'see:

It Seems as Though Daredevil Might Have a Brand New Costume in Season 2

Or, rather, it sure looks as though he's given his suit from Season 1 something of a reboot. A post on Twitter a few weeks back - that largely slipped under the radar - seems to suggest that Daredevil's suit has been on the receiving end of a pretty massive change in the lead-up to Season 2 - It's gotten a whole lot brighter:

What's more, when you compare it to the distinctly dark red suit we saw back in the first season... actually manages to both look more like DD's original bright red comic book costume...

...and simultaneously develop its own, very separate, identity; one more rooted in DD's ill-fated black and red suit from the 1990s than any we've seen since:

Or, y'know, the image above might just be a whole lot brighter than the shots we saw in Season 1... Either way, though, could Season 2 hurry up and arrive already?

The big question now?

What do you reckon?

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