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The epitome of Hollywood talent, Leonardo DiCaprio, has one of the most vibrant and long-standing careers in the movie business, having taken on epic roles from a wide spectrum of genres since he began his acting journey in the '80s sitcom Growing Pains.

And it's worth noting that since his first forays into TV and the entertainment industry back then, he's hardly returned to the small screen. Yet, it seems that this is all about to drastically change...

A Mafia series is on its way!

According to sources, Leo is well on his way to collaborating with Brett Johnson to bring a Mafia series to TV. The Showtime heavyweight is quite a big name in the business, with notable credits ranging from the colossal successes of shows such as Mad Men to Ray Donovan.

And now with Leo on-board with the gangster series, it's already a given that this will be a whirlwind success, and who knows, perhaps it's an Emmy rather than an Oscar that DiCaprio will be getting his paws on sooner rather than later instead!

What do we know about the project?

Leo in The Wolf of Wall Street
Leo in The Wolf of Wall Street

The series is said to be based in Brooklyn during the '80s, and the intriguing plot "traces a decade-long relationship between an unstable Mafia captain and a rogue federal agent, each violating the strict codes of their respective organizations." Interestingly, the show will also:

Examine the power the Wall Street era had on the Mafia and the FBI.

Obviously alongside the The Wolf of Wall Street, it's clear that the actor has already had his fair share of experience with gangster-esque roles, often taking on roles that tread a very thin line between people who break the law and those who uphold it. Take his role in The Departed for example - here he is alongside Jack Nicholson:

And although it hasn't been 100% confirmed whether he will just produce or also act, whatever it is that he does is sure to be one of the best things he's done yet. Because let's face it, he's Leonardo DiCaprio and there's no limit to his talent.



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