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When MTV hired Miley Cyrus to appear as the host for their annual Video Music Awards, the head-honchos probably predicted a fair number of complaints - after all, Miley kind of has previous experience in riling up audiences with her antics.

Luckily, bar a slight - probably intentional - nip-slip, our fragile society managed to bear the brunt of Miley's intense outfits and exuberant presenting at the MTV VMAs. However, that doesn't mean there weren't some casualties, as the Federal Communications Commission received at least 20 complaints from people who had their sentimentalities viciously bruised by Miley.

Rolling Stone was able to get their hands on these complaints and posted them in full. Meanwhile, Billboard decided to sift through these and select the most aggressive, outraged and block capital-filled complaints for our enjoyment. Here they are:

A parent of two teen boys from Gulfport, Mississippi wishes she could turn back time and not watch the VMAs:

Turned on the TV and the VMAs were on. Should have left the TV OFF!!! Miley Cyrus is a VERY TROUBLED CHILD and I can not believe what she was able to get away with on this show. Seems like she is in the news everywhere doing disgusting, perverted and lewd things. I just can't understand why this CHILD gets away with all of this and is all over the news and tabloids. It’s a disgrace to all young girls and boys. I do not condone this and will not let my boys see this trash in my home.

A mother and her 19-year old son from Irvine, California DO NOT want to see Miley's breasts:

Miley Cyrus' outfits were over the top, but the view of her naked breast was just obscene. I understand that she wants publicity, but I do not want to see her breasts. My 19-year-old son complained as well.

A viewer from Plainfield, New Jersey sees some kind of punitive action as the appropriate response:

Miley showed her breast during the show. Pretending it was a slip, but the entire breast was exposed. As far as I know, MTV does not normally show nudity and has underaged teens as a target demographic. She 'apologized' for it, but knowing her 'shock jock' type of antics this was deliberate and should be punished. If not punished, she will continue with this endless annoying inappropriate to the venue behavior.

An older sibling from Carson City, Nevada is [sic] of Miley's antics:

I tuned in with my minor sister who considerers [sic] Miley her role model. I have one question for you: What kind of pornographic display of indecency whas [sic] that? Miley wore barely any clothing and even flashed her breasts without any sensory [sic] at all. I find this absolutely disgusting that this was allowed on national TV.

Someone from North Andover, Massachusetts, who didn't actually watch the show, but did go through the effort of seeking out videos of it online after they heard what they contained, was also disgraced:

I did not watch the show but I saw plenty of pictures and video recaps of it. What rubbish. It was offensive; it was pornographic and it was disgraceful. Miley Cyrus should be barred on grounds of public indecency. Please do not televise this garbage. It is not fit for any human being to see.

Of course, Miley has taken on the mantle as the unofficial spokesperson for the 'Free The Nipple' campaign, an ad-hoc online movement which aims to change attitudes towards non-pornographic female nudity on the internet and television. The main argument being that if men are free to show their nipples on the airwaves, why aren't women? What is it about breasts which make them inherently taboo?

Another facet of this argument concerns networks frequent eagerness to show gratuitous violence and bloodshed (think The Walking Dead), whilst simultaneously refusing to show even mild nudity or sex - somehow suggesting violence is fine and natural, whereas the human body isn't.

Source: Billboard


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