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Inevitably, mistakes happen during the production of every film, and usually make for a pretty hilarious DVD extra blooper reel. But occasionally a botched take results in some unintended genius, the director opting to leave the accident in the final cut.

Whether it's a stunt gone wrong or an on-the-spot improvisation, these unexpected mistakes were deemed too good not to include, and prove that cinema's most memorable moments are often those that are unplanned.

Back to the Future Part II

Blooper: Courtroom Collision

The scene in which these hoverboard-riding goons smash through the courthouse window almost ended in tragedy.

The dangerous stunt had three stuntman fly through the glass pane, dropping safely below. But when they filmed the one-take sequence, a stuntwoman collided with a pillar in mid-air (as seen above), causing her serious injury. The shot you see in the film is the same one that almost killed her:


Mission Impossible 2

Blooper: Too Close for Comfort

Chronic thrillseeker Tom Cruise almost took his co-star's head off with an unintentionally vicious move. While filming the film's climactic confrontation, Tom's fellow stuntman told Cruise not to hold anything back for the fight's final kick. He didn't, and as a result landed a boot straight to the jaw.

If you watch closely, you can even see Cruise's shocked reaction as he realizes what just happened:

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Blooper: Fly Feast

Perhaps the most famous fly in movie history, this little insect decided to crawl into actor Paul Freeman's mouth during a scene, never to be seen again. However, Freeman claims the fly did actually leave his mouth, but the editors made it invisible as an inside joke. Check out the infamous
moment below:

Midnight Cowboy

Blooper: I'm Walkin' Here!

While filming on location in New York City, Dustin Hoffman was almost run down by a cab; a cab that was never even supposed to be in the movie. Managing to stay in character, Hoffman improvised and came up with one of Hollywood's most iconic lines ever:

The Lord of the Rings

Blooper: Mind Your Head

I always thought that Gandalf's lack of spatial awareness in the rather undersized Bag End was hilarious, but little did I know that it was actually Ian McKellen's clumsiness that got his head in trouble. He never meant to smack his skull on this wooden beam, but director Peter Jackson loved the mishap so much that he decided to leave it in.


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