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The legendary Slender Man has been lurking in the dark recesses of online forums for years now, the spindly apparition mythologized by blurry sightings in monochrome photographs and half whispers of Internet hearsay.

In recent years, Slender Man has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, spawning terrifying video games, unnerving fan fiction and even novelty mugs.

But the phantom's featureless face has yet to be immortalized in a full on movie, though if Justin Jones' latest harrowing short film is anything to go by, this horrific legend is ripe for an onscreen adaptation.

This hugely impressive short, titled FATHOM, is sure to get your blood pumping and, if nothing else, has convinced me that a big budget Slender Man movie is something the world needs to see.

Take a deep breath and hit play:

The tense mini-thriller asks the question: How do you conceive something that has no face? How do you find something that adheres to no rules?

The answer: You don't. It finds you.

"When the world was created, countless centuries ago, it was made under a set of rules."

"But our world is not the only world. Sharing this same space just beneath our limited senses lies another world. One likely much older. One where the rules are different."

"We should not know of this place. But sometimes those who inhabit this other realm will cross over."

"Where are they taken, and why?"

Jones' short film poses more questions than it answers and has only left me craving for more, despite the fact that those answers might be best left unknown...

What did you think of FATHOM?

(Source: JustinJones)


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