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Hey guys and welcome to my first post!

My name is Rachel Alderson, I'm a freelance illustrator and character designer based in Leeds, UK. I thought I'd set up a blog on here to share some of my work with you guys, obviously this work will be movie based and mainly be fan art of my favourite films. I specialise in creatures and monsters so if that's up your street and you'd like to see my other work, feel free to head on over to my website at

If you like monsters to wear, head on over to my clothing brands site and get yourself some new gear!

Now, onto my first piece! I did this a few months back and thought I would post it as it's not long until the final installment is released, which I am so excited for and may even do another piece for that!

Check out the full image below and keep an eye out for my next post, which will be some Boxtrolls fan art!


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