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Good news Daredevil fans, it's been confirmed that Scott Glenn will be returning to our Netflix screens for the highly anticipated Daredevil Season 2.

You'll remember Stick from Season 1 of Daredevil, the blind martial artist and mentor of young Matt Murdock. Following the loss of Matt's sight and the recent murder of his father Stick was persuaded to meet with the nine-year old. Sensing potential in him, he trained Matt to control his senses and hone them into powerful weapons, giving him the tools necessary to create the Daredevil persona.

However Stick feared that Matt was becoming too attached to him when the boy gave him a bracelet made from the ice cream wrapper Stick bought him at their first meeting. Stick crushed the bracelet and left, telling him that he needed a solider whilst Matt was seeking a father. He did return and retrieve the bracelet secretly, though the two did not see each other for more than twenty years after that.

He returns to Hells Kitchen years later, teaming up with Daredevil to retrieve and kill Black Sky (Bonale Fambrini). Though Murdock (Charlie Cox) tried to stop him once he realised that the Black Sky weapon was in fact a child, Stick still managed eventually to kill the boy. The two fought in the aftermath and Murdock emerged victorious, pleasing Stick with his progress.

The last time we saw him he was speaking with the mysterious Stone (Jasson Finney), another of his pupils. Stone asked if Murdock would be ready when "the doors opened", and Stick replied that he was unsure. Cryptic.

Stick in the Marvel Comics

Daredevil has been pretty faithful with it's adaptation of Stick thus far - nailing his personality and attitude, particularly the coldness he displays towards his apprentices.

In the comics he's head of the Chaste - a group of "pure" martial artists who strive to keep their ranks free from the infections of hatred and evil. Their archenemies are the Hand - a super-villain group of assassins and mercenaries for hire. The Hand eventually succeeded in killing Stick, though his soul was later reincarnated into a new-born child (comic book logic, don't question it).

Stick in Daredevil Season 2

"In some ways, Stick is to Marvel's Daredevil what Scott Glenn has been to film and TV - a magnetic and awesome force to be reckoned with. It's an honour to welcome him back, and the Daredevil team can't wait to unleash Scott's unique brand of badassery upon the world in Season 2." - Marco Ramirez [Showrunner]

Marvel's official line on his return is that he'll be making an appearance in three episodes including the first two of the new season, and the executives all seem pretty pumped about it.

He'll reappear in Matt's life with a new mission - but one that Matt doesn't want to be involved with. His reluctance to get involved would fit with the comics mythology surrounding Elektra, a new character in Season 2, if it turns out to be she who Stick is after.

Stick and Elektra

The ninja assassin Elektra Natchios was part of the Chaste for a time, but was expelled by Stick due to the hatred and lust for revenge she carried in her heart following her fathers death. She later joined up with the Hand for a time, so when she appears in Daredevil Season 2 played by Elodie Yung it's likely that she could be the trigger that causes Stick to return to New York and seek out the help of Daredevil once more.

At the moment we haven't been told very much about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Elektra; all we really know is that her appearance will shake up Matt's life, and probably not for the better.

In the comics she's constantly switched between hero, anti-hero, and villain, sometimes supporting and sometimes opposing Daredevil as an antagonist. She and Matt first met at university (as alluded to in a flashback episode in Daredevil Season 1). They fell in love, but following the accidental death of her father at the hands of a policeman Elektra left America to train in martial arts with Stick in Japan. She later returned as an assassin, often at odds with Daredevil, and sporting a pretty inconceivable outfit.


Would you like to see Stick and Elektra going head to head in Daredevil season 2?


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