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Director Baltasar Kormákur (2 Guns, Contraband) along with one of 2015's most impressive ensemble casts tells the true story of the 1996 expedition up Mount Everest which proved fatal for the men and women up there when a severe snow storm hit the mountain.

What's so damn attractive about Everest is clearly the cast, Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty), Josh Brolin (Sicario) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler) are just some of the big names in this movie, but what made me nervous about Everest was it's director. Kormákur has never really impressed me, whilst 2 Guns and Contraband weren't necessarily bad films, they weren't all that great either and sadly that also applies to Everest which ultimately becomes an annoyingly mediocre film.

Everest begins with our characters meeting for the first time, they've hired Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) to lead them up the mountain, the first hour of Everest is a slow burn, which should have made time for some great character development but by the end of the film, I only felt like I really knew two or three of the characters. When the action really comes into play with our climbers being attacked by a vicious snow storm, the pace completely changes and time flies by, 5 hours goes by within a matter of minutes and the entire third act feels very rushed.

What's most distracting about Everest is the production design, it's flat out terrible. When our actors aren't standing in front of a more than obvious green screen, they're clearly on a sound stage surrounded by plastic scenery, I could never buy into the story when the mountain, which is incredibly important to the story, never looked real.

As I mentioned above, the cast for this film is fantastic but because they're not working under a great director, we never get any great performance moments. Jason Clarke leads the film well but he along with every single cast member seems to just be phoning it in to a point where I just didn't care about the characters.

Everest does have some exciting scenes towards the end when our characters are attacked by a crazy storm but that's all the film really has going for it. The cast whilst impressive don't give any great performances, the CGI and practical sets are laughable and it's very poorly paced, I can't recommend you go out and see Everest.

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