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If you thought that the Maze was too much trouble for the Gladers, just wait till you see them conquer a deserted place filled with countless zombie like creatures and Peacekeeper-like soldiers running all over the place.

[Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials](tag:1142567) is the direct sequel to The Maze Runner which came out last September and is followed by The Death Cure which closes the trilogy. Reports are saying that they will not split that book into two films just as they did with the final chapters of other young-adult novels such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Twilight Breaking Dawn and the most recent Hunger Games Mockingjay which has Part 2 out this November.

So like I said, this takes place directly after the events of The Maze Runner. And when we find the Thomas, Teresa and the rest of the Gladers, they have freshly come out of the maze totally crumpled. But now they must try and escape the evil clutches of the mysterious organization known as WCKD, which is sort of a Capitol-like organization. Their intentions are a bit more drastic than the Ministry of Magic, the Volturi and the Capitol all in one. They are an evil organization that is not to be meddled with. Also they have to contend with a resistance dubbed the Right Arm.

So throughout the entire film, the main kids have to brave the Scorch, which is a sort of desert-like environment that goes on for several miles without end. But not only that, they must also encounter Peacekeeper-like soldiers and a whole slew of zombie creatures which constantly keep on coming.

Now the positives about this film varies. What I liked about the film itself is that it steps everything up a notch from what the previous film did. It gives us a sense of the WCKD and their way of life which was very appealing and thrilling. Also it had a darker sense because since it steps everything up, it has to be darker than the first. Every time I watch a movie that is part of a series, I tend to find the sense. Where in this case, the entire Maze Runner franchise is built on the theme of survival, which means that the main crew need to survive and try to keep away from WCKD.

The thing I didn't find appealing about this film was that there were a few points where the dark sense was taken a bit too far. In this case, the zombies were by far the creepiest thing in the film alone. When I saw the film and the zombies came onto the screen, I was shocked all around. I did not expect the zombies to come up on screen.

So all-in all, while it works to stay faithful to its source material, Maze Runner Scorch Trials steps it up. It's thrilling, dark, with themes of love, betrayal, rebellion and a sense of The Hunger Games (in a way). But there were a few points here and there where I was like 'This is taking the movie a little bit too far (particularly the zombies).

What are your thoughts about Maze Runner: Scorch Trials? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Leave your thoughts down below.


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