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Before seeing the movie I got to meet with the director-writer-producer Eli Roth, and the main protagonist Lorenza Izzo as part of their 'Fan Appreciation Tour.' It was a quick meet-and-greet where both of them signed a poster, chatted, and took photos with all the guests. I was one of the first to meet them. Lorenza couldn't be any sweeter. You could tell she was having a great time talking to everyone about the movie. As for Mr. Roth, well, he was pretty cool too!

Introducing the movie to the audience he told us about how he was able to film in the Amazon. The film crew had to get permission from an actual native tribe so far removed from civilization they didn't know what movies were. So, to get them to understand what they wanted to do, they showed them Cannibal Holocaust. Maybe not the best thing to show, but it turns out the tribe saw it as a comedy and let them proceed with filming. Eli Roth was a very charming and funny man, and I only wish there was a Q&A after the screening was over.

On The Left is Lorenza Izzo and Right is Eli Roth
On The Left is Lorenza Izzo and Right is Eli Roth

A college freshman, Justine (Lorenza Izzo), decides that she wants to join a group of activists to help fight against injustice in the world. First stop on her tour, the South American Rain Forest. Their mission is to stop a company from not only bulldozing land, but stopping them from killing off a peaceful indigenous tribe.

There is time dedicated to establishing characters in a non-boring way. I have a problem when horror movies take their time, and I get that they want to build suspense, but it usually falls flat and the stuff that is being presented is not incredibly interesting. Though, that wasn't the case in The Green Inferno. The dialogue feels real, and in turn, the characters feel real as well. It's also very funny. Not like in an unintentional way either. This way you can relate to these characters, and later on, root for them to survive when they are in dangerous situations.


During the introduction to the film Eli Roth said he wanted to create the most violent and most bloodiest film ever. He definitely succeeded. He also succeed in making one of the most disturbing scenes ever filmed in cinema. I felt sick in the theater, and usually I'm pretty good at keeping a calm demeanor during movies like these. A fellow Creator who also attended the event, Taylor Krauss, said she couldn't take it anymore, and almost threw up on me. Even after the scene was done...I still felt horrible. I couldn't sleep without seeing those images being replayed over and over.

What I like most about this movie is when it does start with the horror, it doesn't let up. Everything is very tense and frightening. There is no time wasted, all the actors do a great job portraying fear, and there is urgency to the film. The gore is extremely effective. Fountains of blood spewing out everywhere. It looked real, and through most of the movie I had to look away 'cause it got to me.

It's an intense gory film that will leave your stomach churning, and will leave your bloodlust satisfied until the next Eli Roth film rears its head. Word to the wise...don't go to the Amazon! EVER!

The Green Inferno is in theaters everywhere Friday, September 25th. Don't miss it!


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