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...'s friend has to say about it. As far as I understand it, that friend of him was in money problems. So, is nobody beside me wondering, how you can be in financial trouble, when one of your closest friends, whom you know for more than 25 years, is a rich multi-million-dollar-fucking-movie-star ??? Hell, if I would get rich for some reason, NO ONE of my close friends would ever have to think about having no money at all. I would not let others exploit my generosity or the fact that I have money, but I would HELP. But Reynold's didn't want to give any more checks. Whatever that means. So, okay, he sold some baby photos to the media - I understand, it's a violation of trust, okay. But as a FRIEND, especially a close one, I would ask my friend why he is in financial problems and would try to help him out. I would want to know that makes him so desperate to behave like he did. Maybe I would help with money, maybe by finding him a job, maybe by bringing him to a drug rehab, whatever it takes to make my buddy happy in his life again. I would not cut him off and brag in the media about what an asshole he is. That is as much of a dick move as selling the photos, at least.

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