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Chandler Riggs, better known as Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead has the Internet doing what it does on a fairly consistent basis these days - losing its proverbial sh*t. It appears that on the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead entitled "Not Fade Away" Carl may have made an appearance in the Los Angeles-based origin story following the zombie outbreak on the west coast.

Obviously, it wouldn't make all that much sense for Carl to be in Los Angeles and not Atlanta during the outbreak. But anyway, this photo of a young extra who resembles Carl still caused quite a stir on social media.

See for yourself in this picture below. The quality isn't great, since they showed him pretty briefly on FTWD. The young boy made this appearance three minutes into the episode.

Twitter went wild, as it's known to do

Apparently, my girl @PhanUnot was so concerned that it might be Carl, she had to use all-caps and misspelled her f-bomb.

Now, obviously they aren't introducing Carl into this show because the logistics don't make any sense, but perhaps they let Chandler do a cameo since he spends a lot of time in LA. He could've just been thrown in as an Easter egg or nod to The Walking Dead.

However, I personally don't think that it even looks much like Chandler Riggs! People might be overreacting. They did dress him up fairly similarly though. It seems likely that they cast a Carl Grimes doppelgänger just to mess with us.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this show. I hope you are too, because I need more seasons. It's been a slow burn up to this point, but I can see it ramping up very soon.

In fact, I think the next episode is going to add even more tension to the National Guard and safe-zone occupants' relationship. And it seems like we'll get some more walker-action - which, admittedly, we haven't had enough of yet.



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